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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Love Lucy, I Think

Hello all it's me Lili of Lili-Land. Have you seen my new comic strip. It's finally up and running three days a week over here at gocomics. Give it a look and you can sign up to have it delivered to you in your email.

Well last night Derek, my BFF and Meeko, he's a cat, insisted on dragging me to see a movie called Lucy. I agreed, thinking it was a bio pic of Lucille Ball.

Well... it wasn't. I'm not saying it was a terrible movie. It was just that I was expecting something different.

Meeko and Derek stared at the screen. I don't know what the big deal is.

I was on the set of this movie a while back and Luc Besson wanted me to play a small part but I didn't get along with you know who. Two big egos on the screen is not a good shooting experience on the set. Luc kindly asked me to give in and told me he'd keep me in mind for his next film. He's a dear.

So go see Lucy but don't expect to see Ricky singing Babaloo.

Don't forget to see the new comic: Lili and Derek.

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