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Friday, November 28, 2014

Lili and Derek Comic Strip on

Lili and Derek Comic Strip on

Hello all, it's is ME... Lili of Lili Land.

It's Black Friday but I think it should be called Pink Friday since I love PINK. Pink everything.

Make you find some terrific bargains at the stores today. Just note that for gift for me... Louis Vuitton never goes on sale. So you'll have to dig deep into that bank account for my present. I'm Lili after all.

Have a wonderful shopping day and please drive safely and don't talk on that cell phone while going to the mall. We all want to make it to Christmas.

Have a Lili-icious Black Friday.

Lili of Lili Land.

Lili and Derek

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

Lili and Derek with Meeko. Meeko is that CAT.

Lili and Derek Comic Strip, September 29, 2014 on

 Here it is. Another funly crafted episode of a comic all about Lili and Derek. I'm Lili and please sign up for this strip to be delivered to your email everyday.

Have a Lili-icious Day.

Lili and Derek

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gone with the Lili

Hello all. Don't forget Gone with the Wind is playing in select movie theaters around the country. Derek and Meeko will join me. We're getting all decked out in our best costumes.

I'm going as Scarlett, of course and Derek will be Rhett. I don't know who Meeko's going as. Maybe he'll go as Ashley. You know that Meeko. He's a cat.

Keep reading "Lili and Derek," our wonderfully funny comic strip. More are coming and it will be expanded sometime in November to six days a week.

Have a Lili-licious Day.

Lili and Derek Comic Strip on GoComics.comLili and Derek

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's SUSHI Time in Lili-Land

Hello all it's me your favorite Westie... well at least I hope so.

Derek and I were invited over for dinner across the street... at Meeko's. He's a cat. We don't hold that against him, after all he means well and he's our friend. He can be a bit of a nut sometimes. He's often tinkering in his basement with odd projects and sometimes we think he's plotting to rid the world of dogs but then ...well he's such a dear and we love him.

We don't like his dinners. As you can see in this recent episode from my very own Comic Strip staring ME... and Derek of course.

Have a Lili-icious Day.

Lili and Derek Comic Strip on GoComics.comLili and Derek

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lili and Derek for Monday August 18th, 2014

Lili and Derek Comic Strip on

Yes, it's me, Lili of Lili-Land and you should all have a look, three days a week for now... it's going to bump up to 6 days a week as soon as the two writing and drawing this comic can get it all together.

But for now I'll be happy with three days a week, M-T-W.

Happy, Happy Lili-icious Day.

Lili and Derek

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lili and Derek Comic Strip on

It's me Lili of Lili-Land and here is yet another episode of ME. Don't you just love my little shoes. Have a Lili-icious Day.

Lili and Derek Comic Strip on

Lili and Derek

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I Love Lucy, I Think

Hello all it's me Lili of Lili-Land. Have you seen my new comic strip. It's finally up and running three days a week over here at gocomics. Give it a look and you can sign up to have it delivered to you in your email.

Well last night Derek, my BFF and Meeko, he's a cat, insisted on dragging me to see a movie called Lucy. I agreed, thinking it was a bio pic of Lucille Ball.

Well... it wasn't. I'm not saying it was a terrible movie. It was just that I was expecting something different.

Meeko and Derek stared at the screen. I don't know what the big deal is.

I was on the set of this movie a while back and Luc Besson wanted me to play a small part but I didn't get along with you know who. Two big egos on the screen is not a good shooting experience on the set. Luc kindly asked me to give in and told me he'd keep me in mind for his next film. He's a dear.

So go see Lucy but don't expect to see Ricky singing Babaloo.

Don't forget to see the new comic: Lili and Derek.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lili and Derek Comic Strip on

IT's time for another episode from Lili and Derek that is up and running on IT's a great site and you can subscribe to ME... and see all the upcoming comics. Give it a look.

Even Meeko makes it into lots of upcoming episodes.

All the Best,

Lili of Lili-Land

Lili and Derek Comic Strip on GoComics.comLili and Derek

Friday, August 1, 2014

My Very Own Comic Strip (and Derek too)

Hello all it's my, Lili of Lili-Land and I'm proud to finally announce we've gone live over at You can sign up there to see all out adventures and even have them emailed to you via the site. Don't miss a single day and let us know what you think in the coming months.

It's a great strip cause it's all about ME, ME, ME!... and I shouldn't forget my best friend, Derek. Of course I have to mention Meeko, he's a cat. Don't hold that against him... being a cat isn't his fault.

Have a Lili-licious Day.

Lili and Derek Comic Strip, August 01, 2014 on

Lili and Derek

Monday, July 21, 2014

Lili and Derek Coming August 1st 2014

Yes, I, Lili of Lili-Land, am going to be in my very own comic strip. Daily.. yes daily I hope, and you'll get to read all about me and my BFF and that Meeko, he's a cat.

You can sign up to have it delivered every day in your email and details will follow. It's going to run over at We certainly hope you like this labor of love.

Meeko is somewhat of a pest as he is wanting to dictate the actual contents of the writing... Don't worry about that. Derek has locked him in his house. Besides Meeko wants the comic to be about him... and we all know that isn't possible cause it's all about ME, ME, ME!

So stay tooned...

Lili of Lili-Land

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Comic Strip with ME, Lili of Lili-Land

Yes my dears, I, Lili of Lili-Land will be getting my very own comic strip. Starting on August 1, 2014 you can read all about ME and my best of bestest friend, Derek at

Meeko will also be in the comic strip. He's a cat. Don't hold that against him. He's a dear even if he does cough up a hairball from time to time.

Here is a little sneak peak at a few of the episodes you can read each and every day. Sign up over here starting on August 1st for it to be delivered into your email. Don't miss a single episode.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Art Hampton and ME, Lili of Lili-Land

Hello all it's me Lili, of Lili-Land. I hope you all had a chance to go look at all the great paintings in Bridgehampton over the weekend at the, what is now, a yearly event of the summer. It's really fun. Lots of people, wannabees, and poop-arazzis. 

Derek didn't like any of it. He's just jealous. He likes to paint a little by dipping his tail in paint and smushing it on the canvas. He claims it relieves his inner stress. I think it just looks like slop, but who am I to judge?

Meeko, he's a cat, only responded to paintings of, guess what... CATS. He snarled and hissed at paintings of dogs. I had to remind him over and over that he's our friend and we're... D-O-G-S. He kept quiet after that.

Here are a few pictures some of our friends were kind enough to send to me.

All the best. Next up my report on the Taste of the Two Forks.

Don't forget to read The Green Monkeys over at

Monday, July 14, 2014

Planet of the Kittens

It is I, Lili of Lili-Land and we just saw a great big sprawling epic of lovable MONKEYS in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Yes, MONKEYS. I love monkeys and this movie is a blast. It's a bit violent for the little ones and apparently some cats.

Meeko, he's a cat, hid under his seat for most of it, crying and crying. Seems like he wanted to see a movie about Planet of the Kittens. He's a nut. He didn't even finish his popcorn cause he dropped it during a fight scene.

Anyway, Derek simply loved this movie from beginning to end.  He cheered on the monkeys. I guess he didn't really like the humans in the film. Most of the audience didn't either.

When we got home we made Meeko a big old fashioned banana split sundae.

We're going to go see it in 3D without Meeko. I don't think he could take the stress... he's a cat as I always say.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lili of Lili-Land and Game of Thrones!

IT's I, Lili of Lili-Land, Princess of all Lili-Land, Ruler of the Yard, Bestower of Dog Bones.

Derek, My BFF, and Meeko, he's a cat, tried to watch Game of Thrones but frankly we're totally lost. We have no idea what is remotely going on in this series.

Meeko kept saying, "Where are the dragons. I wanna see the dragons." I guess they spent most of the budget on flying the cast to distant locations.

Derek pointed out that most of the characters could use a good old fashioned bath. "All that greasy hair is starting to bother me," he said.

Anyway, we know it's a big hit but if someone could send us some kind of character guide, maybe that would help. Either that or we'll just stick to reruns of Bewitched.

Here is a recent episode of the The Green Monkeys with ME, Lili. I should be getting royalties from the two that write this, so I have to call my lawyer, Mr. Slimy Ratso. He'll take care of this problem.

The Green Monkeys Comic Strip, June 01, 2014 on GoComics.comThe Green Monkeys

Thursday, May 29, 2014

El Jefe! It's Chef and You Should See it Today!

Hello all it's Me! Lili of Lili-Land.

Derek, my BFF, and for the record he's a handsome German Shepherd, and I dragged Meeko to the movies the other night. Meeko, he's a cat, was content to cook up a big batch of catnip, sit home and catch up on episodes of 24.

We told him, "Been there, done that." We were hungry for a good old fashioned, fun, normal, no action, no FX type of movie. And we found one: CHEF.

Jon Favreau does a masterful job of cooking. If after seeing this wonderful little film you aren't HUNGRY for good food you don't know cooking. 

Here I am turning in another stellar performance.

After watching this one, Derek and I and Meeko drove out to Nick and Toni's in East Hampton where we dined on all sorts of goodies.

Try the zucchini chips. Try anything and please go see this fun loving movie with a terrific cast. Oliver Platt our personal favorite chubby actor turns in another winning performance.

I should note that Jon did call me awhile back to turn in a cameo for this film but sadly I, once again, ended up on the cutting room floor due to Meeko looking through my mail. He dropped a release form I was to sign and it ended up  blowing away in the wind... so he says. I think he did it on purpose. He's a cat... did I mention that. And even though he says he's our friend, it seems that he's always around when trouble happens.

Derek thinks he's a diabolic James Bond villan hiding out in the house across the street. 
I don't know. Maybe. We'll see.

Please go see Chef. It's really terrific.
Have a Lili-Licious Day.

Don't forget to read my favorite comic: The Green Monkeys.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy Start of Summer!

Hello all it's me, Lili of Lili-Land wishing you all a wonderful weekend of Summer.
Here is the cover of Dan's Paper. And as you will see... that's ME on the beach ball. Artist Michael Paraskevas has captured me so well, he should be given a big gold star.

So, Derek, he's my BFF, and I hope you all pick up a copy of Dan's Papers. I'll even autograph it with my paw print if you see me around town.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Godzilla or should I say Snore-zilla?


Hello all! It's me Lili of Lili-Land. Derek (my BFF) and I just got back from our first big summer blockbuster. We were going to see Spiderman but Meeko, he's a cat, is deathly afraid of spiders. We tried to explain, but he just hid under the sofa for a full day.

We finally lured him out with some catnip. He's nuts. Now he's running around the yard all hopped up on catnip.

Anyway, Meeko did agree to see Godzilla, so it was off to the movies this afternoon to see some big old foot stomping action. Nothing like a giant lizard wreaking havoc on the poor Japanese people.

Well, let me tell you... This one was a bit of a Snore-zilla. The big green thing doesn't show up till late in the movie and by that time both Meeko and Derek were hanging out at the candy counter trying to see how many pop-rocks they could hold in their mouths before exploding.

I felt sorry for Godzilla. He's a big misunderstood idiot. His hands are too small and he's obviously got terrible breath. My God, the poor thing breathes all this firey blue stuff out of his mouth... something that I certainly didn't remember from the old Raymond Burr film.

It's not terrible. It's just no Independence Day. Maybe save your money on this one and just rent the original, which in all honesty if you haven't seen it... you should.

Sorry it's been so long since I've written but Derek had the flu and Meeko got lost in Costco last month. It took us weeks to find him. He discovered the cat food section and he sort of moved in there. He put on 20 pounds.

All the best and you all have a Lili-icious Day.

Next time Derek and I will review the new Jon Hamm movie. He's very dreamy but not as dreamy as my BFF Derek.

Don't forget to read my favorite comic strip, The Green Monkeys.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Noah's Bark or A Rainy Day at the Movies

Oh dear! Yesterday it was pouring out! Derek's suggestion? "Let's go see Noah!" 
How appropriate I thought!

I put on my rain gear and my galoshes... pink, of course, and we headed to the movies!

When we picked up Meeko, he's a cat, he reminded me that Russell Crowe demanded that I be in the film. I can't believe that had slipped my mind but it was a while back. I've been busy. What can I say? There's just too much going on in my life. 

I went to the set for Russell's sake but there was just to much WATER for me!!! Not a fan of rain. It does nothing for my hair.

I shot a few scenes, stormed off the set and I called Derek to have him high tail me out of there! 

My word, it was sooooo very muddy that day. 

I was cast as Russell's orphaned daughter! Of course I am much younger than Mr. Crowe so I could not play his wife! Russell was so upset I left ...he almost dropped out of the film.

I tried to explained to him that all he did was bark throughout the delicate ears are too sensitive! And I was full of mud! MUD!!!  Not very Lili-lady-like.

But, I told him never quit! He was perfect for the part. He's just brilliant... save for all that yelling he was doing on the set the day I was there.

I do have a sense of entitlement... at least that's what Derek tells me!

Russell understood and treated me to spa day! Yay for me.

He begged that I would be the starring lead in his next flick! I told him I would take up with my manager.

OH, wait. How was the movie, you ask? It was okay. Derek pointed out that it didn't have much of a sense of humor but I informed him that this was a bible story. 

His only comment was, "I think along the way of building that ark they had a couple of laughs."

He fell asleep and missed a bit of it but we all know the plot and I will add that movie ends on an up note despite the fact millions of people are drowned.

I give it 3 out of 4 paws.

You all have a Lili-icious Day.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Green Monkeys featuring ME, Lili of Lili-Land. I'm a STAR.

The Green Monkeys Comic Strip, February 01, 2014 on

Hello, my loves. It's me Lili of Lili-Land and it's another episode of The Green Monkeys featuring ME, LILI. Don't you just love that?

Pass this around and share on your twitter feeds and facebook things... maybe even blog it out there. I usually leave that to my BFF, Derek. He's such a dear.

An update on Meeko. Derek and I are working on a comic of our own and now it seems Meeko wants to be involved in it. He has lots of ideas but they usually just include him in the story lines leaving out ME. Well, he's a cat so he's forgiven.

Have a wonderful Super Duper Bowl Weekend. I'm making my famous dip. Have fun and don't eat too much.

Lili of Lili-Land.

The Green Monkeys

Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's ME, Lili, in another episode of The Green Monkeys.

The Green Monkeys Comic Strip, January 30, 2014 on

It's still freezing here in Lili-Land. Derek (BFF) and Meeko (he's a cat) came to shovel me out. What a mess. After they were finished I let them make me a nice cup of hot coco.

Don't worry. They weren't cold. They wore their boots and gloves. Meeko even had on a pair of earmuffs that made him look like Princess Leia. Derek laughed and laughed.

Stay warm my little ones. Have a Lili-icious Day.

The Green Monkeys

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's me Lili appearing in The Green Monkeys.

The Green Monkeys Comic Strip, January 29, 2014 on

Derek, my BFF, and Meeko, he's a cat, love to read The Green Monkeys over at I just love that Flytrap. He's such a nut. And to think Michael Paraskevas draws me into the strip from time to time. BUT, I'm waiting for my own comic... it's coming soon.

Stay warm. It sure is cold out there. Just this morning I got my heels stuck in a snow bank. Derek came to the rescue. He's such a dear.

Have a Lili-icious Day.

The Green Monkeys

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's me Lili of Lili-Land in my very own comic strip.

You can read all about me and my BFF, Derek, in this very fun and exciting new venture. It's time for Lili and Derek, that's the name of the strip. There will be more. This is simply the test.

At first Derek wasn't convince this would work but we have a great team of writers and artists slaving away in the basement, ready to provide you with daily entertainment.

Let me know how you like it. Enjoy and have a Lili-icious day. Stay warm. Derek and I are riding out the latest Polar Vortex. It's a mess out there. Cheers.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

And the Oscar Goes TO...... ME!

It's me Lili of Lili-Land and I'm waiting for the Oscar Nominations. They should start any minute now and I'll comment on them later today.

Have a Lili-icious Day.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lili and Juan Pablo: Run Girls... RUN.

The Bachelor: Juan Pablo 

Hello all! It's me Lili of Lili-Land. Derek and I settled in last night to view the Bachelor. We always watch it on the DVR so we don't have to suffer through the commercials although the commercials do give us time to dish the dirt on all the cats... I mean woman.

Derek teased, "Luceeeeee, oh Luceeeeeee! Let go to The Club and Babbaloooooo!" He kept taking like Desi.

Needless to say, I hit Derek with a taco chip and some guacamole. I gave him a big SSSSSSSSHUSH!!!

Here are some of my rambling comments from the first episode.

The woman we started to make fun of ended up being tossed off the show on this first episode. We called her Cheese Face, itchy nose. Eek, Lauren H stop scrunching that nose! Maybe you'd land a man. (I'm being bad and Derek told me take that out... I told him I'd think it over.)

A fishing hook? Honey you need a bigger hook to catch this man!
Like a million dollar bank account.

Ooh, Molly the dog is the best looking one on the show. Derek was howling at the moon over Molly. I threw some more chips at him. "Down boy," I snapped.

Oh a prescription? Juan just takes a pill? How crazy was that? 

Wow! An opera singer... but Juan is a One Note Wonder, she won't get a rose... but low and behold... Juan shocked us both by giving her a rose. Maybe he can spot class when he sees it. Either that or he might be an opera fan... this is a true puzzle.

Andiie the prosecutor is my pick because she has a JOB and Juan doesn't seem to have one.

Run girls run. You'll be paying Juan's bills for years if you hook up with this one.

Derek excessively talks during the bachelor, I have to pay attention because I can't always understand that accent. My little ears have trouble with this.

Derek said Juan has beady eyes, he doesn't trust him. Yes, he does have beady eyes.

I said it is all the beans. He probably has flatuance and is holding it in. All that Spanish food. Yuck.

A single mom? Trust me honey, you have no chemistry and besides, excuse me, but Juan is not supporting another child... I don't think he can support the one he has...but then again I don't know everything. Derek thinks I'm too harsh. News Flash read the National Enquirer.

Lucy the FREE spirit, is that your feet I smell? Get some heels sweety.
Derek said she can sit on his lap anytime.
I hit him with a burrito. 

The massage therapist? Down girl! You want to pour oil all over Juan?
What? Are you frying eggs?
Even Juan said the massage was pretty awkward.

Oh these girls are all so pathetic fretting over the first impression rose. Please girls.
Fast forward, THIS Juan is not the marrying kind.

Derek and I just love Photo Booths. Juan Carlo take off that pirate hat! Notice he cut Chelsea out of most of the photos.
The girls are getting upset and spying on Juan and other girls. 
Oh, did you know Lauren H was engaged to be married? Here's a tissue... NO rose for you. Go home. NEXT.

You are emotional from your breakup a short few months ago.
Tell all your business to the meow sitting next to you. Please that CAT will push you aside as if in a race to a catnip treat.

We can't wait till next week.
Have a Lili-icious Day.

And don't forget to read The Green Monkeys everyday at

Friday, January 3, 2014

I speak... therefore I'm LILI of Lili-Land

Snow Day 2014

Hello all! It's me Lili of Lili-Land.

NOW, let me tell you something. It's really cold out. I mean Alaska COLD. It's cold enough to freeze off my tail.

Derek, my BFF, and Meeko (he's a cat) took it upon themselves to please me by digging out the driveway. Meeko insisted on taking way too many breaks for hot coco and now has a belly ache. Derek, the trooper that he is, forged ahead and got the job done. He's a gem.

Now we're going to sit back and watch Downton Abby all afternoon. A spot of tea will warm me up. Brink on those biscuits.