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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Update from Lili-Land

Hello All! It is me, Lili of Lili-Land!

Due to my busy schedule I will blogging or as Derek, my BFF, refers to my writing as blarking every Friday! 

I will continue to fill you all in on all the gossip and happenings in my life! 

So please Read! Read! Read!

Tell your friends to read too!

I am busy typing and my pads are sore and I ruined my manicure. OH, bother.

Therefore, this is one more reason I will blog once a week! It's ruining my nails.

Have a Lili-icious week! See you every Friday!


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Escape to Escape Plan

Hello all. It's your favorite Princess, ME, Lili of Lili-Land and I've got a story for you.

Once again I was asked to appear in the big new hit movie, Escape Plan, by my good friends Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I can't say I approve of Arnold's behavior of late, but he's still pretty good in the movies.

So, there I am on the set filming action sequence after sequence when Peeples (he's a poodle) and Meeko (he's a cat) storm onto the set waving some sort of lawyerly paper work complaining that I'm not getting enough money for my appearance in this film.

Arnold (apparently he hates cats) tossed all of us off the set and I was promptly cut from the movie.

Sly called to say he was sorry for the mix up. I know that Meeko (he's a cat) meant well and I'm sure that Peeples (he's a poodle) egged him on, but I told those two that they can't just storm onto a set screaming about money.

Anywho.... it's a wonderful film filled with twists and turns and as the body count piles up you'll be thanking me for telling you to go see this one. Derek and I loved it.

We give it the Big Old Five Buckets of Popcorn. Check your brain at the door... you won't need it. Just enjoy the ride with two old friends. The chemistry between Sly and Arnold is sparkling. Just like me. I sparkle all the time.

You all have a Lili-icious Day and don't forget to read The Green Monkeys over at

Monday, October 14, 2013

Apple Picking Time with Lili and Derek... and Meeko (he's a cat)

Hi everyone! I am back! It's me! Lili of Lili-Land.

Sorry my blogs have been a bit off but once again I was in Europe! 

No, no, not Lake Como but the South of France! But I am back at my desk typing away! Well, not exactly, I dictate and Derek types. One, it ruins my delicate pads and two, typing is OH, SOOOOO exhausting.

Moving a-Lili-long. Meeko, he's a cat, called and suggested we go apple picking and soak in the crisp Autumn air.

I was exasperated! I, Lili go apple picking? Did he flip his cat lid?

But then my mind wondered for a moment and I thought of a fresh crisp apple picked from the tree. Maybe we should go.

We went to the farm and I was shocked that you had to walk to the orchard. I suggested we drive in, but Meeko, being a cat, said rules are rules, we must walk.

So when we arrived in the orchard Meeko failed to realize the trees were very tall. We did not have a ladder! I was annoyed and I felt a growl coming up in my throat. Meeko!!!!!!!

 Derek calmed me! He said, "Lili, don't get your tail in a twirl. Meeko has an idea."

So, of course, there was not any alternative. We went with that silly little cat's idea. After all, the best apples WERE at the top.

As you can see the poop-arazzi snapped my photo and sold it to the National Enquirer.

All was going well until a big wasp was flying around Meeko and as they say, we all came tumbling down!

I never did get any apples!

Meeko as usual cried! The pooperazzi got some random shots of me and I heard the second photo fetched them 25000.00 

The headline: Lili falls from her throne!

Just horrible! 

This gal is always the princess!

OKAY, I need a nap. Have a wonderful Lili-Like Lili-icious Day.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Enough Said about Enough Said

Hello to all my wonderful friends. It's me, Lili, of Lili-Land.

Derek and I went to the movies last night. We spotted Meeko (he's a cat) two rows in front but we didn't let him know we were there. He talks on and on during a movie and we frequently have to tell him to keep it down.

Enough Said is one of the best movies of the year and I don't want to give any of it away but it even had Derek teary eyed towards the end. It's funny and sad and laugh out loud.

The only thing that really makes me sad is that this is James Gandolfini's last film. He was good in the Sopranos but he really shows his charm in this one. That girl from Seinfeld and him had endless amounts of charms and spark between them.

James... you made me cry.

But back to Meeko, the cat. He was munching on something down in front and at one point I think he must have been chewing on a Milk-Dud cause he shouted out, "I LOST A TOOTH."

He ran out of the theater into a rain storm. He loses a lot of his charm when he gets wet as seen in this photo. I'm sure he's going to get mad when he finds out we posted this picture.


So... go see Enough Said. It deserves an Oscar. Yes, it does.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Rainy Day with Cheaters.

Hello all. It's me Lili of Lili-Land and let me tell you, a rainy day brings out the worst in people.

Case in point: Meeko, he's a cat. Derek and I were going to spend the afternoon watching old movies on Turner Classic when Meeko (you know... the cat) knocked on the door.

He barged in with Monopoly under his arm and proceeded to set up the game on the kitchen table. "Come on guys. Who wants to have some FUN?" he shouted.

We didn't. Derek wanted to nap while it rained outside watching Cary Grant saunter his way through film after film. I personally think Derek is better looking but I digress.

Meeko wouldn't take no for an answer and so we sat there and started. I knew we were all in trouble with Meeko insisted on being the Battleship. I of course was the dog, they don't make a high heel and I can't stand the stupid Boot.

Derek was happy being the Race Car.

It wasn't long into the game when I noticed that Meeko had an awful lot of cash piled up and was already buying hotels. HOTELS?

That's when Derek whispered to me, "I think Meeko, he's a cat, is cheating. I don't remember him buying all those hotels."

Derek growled. Meeko snarled and flipped the board in a huff. Game pieces went flying. One landed in my Cucumber Cooler Drink. That Meeko. He's a real cat.

Meeko stormed out of the house yelling something about being ganged up on every time he tries to have some fun.

He got his when the skies suddenly opened up and he was drenched in buckets of rain.

He looked like a drowned rat... but he's a cat. I think I already said that... the part about him being a cat.

We went back to napping and watching Cary Grant movies.

Today's lesson... never trust a Meeko when playing Monopoly.

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Have a Lili-icious Day.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Gravity (should get Lost in Space)! Yes! Really!

Hello! It is me, Lili of Lili-Land

Derek, Meeko (he's a cat) and I just saw the much anticipated film Gravity.

Sorry Georgie. Clooney, that is. I love you, but not in this film.

The critics and fans loved it over at Rotten Tomatoesbut this film left a nasty taste in my mouth.

I've heard it all...Gripping story? The only thing gripping was Sandra Bullock gripping the space craft and all hell breaks loose.

And who cares? Not me. I shouldn't have, I ended up at the doctors with a severe case of inner ear trouble. The room is still spinning.

Meeko (he's a cat) was under the seat the whole time. I thought he was going to toss his cookies right there but he calmed down when Derek bought him a pile of those crummy pretzels with dipping cheese.

I was thinking I should have seen the new James Gandolfini film 

All I have to say about Gravity is.....

Much ado about nothing. 

Enough said.

Here's Georgie dreaming of me... Lili of Lili-Land. He's so cute, but then... so am I.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rush to See Rush

Hello all, it's me, Lili of Lili-Land.

Opie, I mean Ron Howard sure knows how to make a good old fashioned, rip roaring, movie with tons of excitement. This one is way better that his last film, The Dilemma. I couldn't get into that one.  Even Angels and Demons was a bit of a mess. NOT this one. This one is a gem.

Derek and I zoomed over to the theater to catch Rush. I told Ron on the set that this was a winner but once again I seem to have ended up on the cutting room floor. I'm beginning to think that someone out in Hollywood doesn't like me. ME... Lili of Lily-Land.

It might have had something to do with the fact that I'm a terrible driver. That's why I have my very own private chauffeur, Al. The last time I was behind the wheel of car was a few years ago and I think it was a pedal car I bought in an antique shop. It was soooo cute. I had it painted pink, my favorite color and I use to drive....

Wait... I seem to have strayed a bit from the topic. I was suppose to be one of the other drivers. I think Ronny liked my acting but after I kept driving one of his expensive cars into the wall of the set, I could blame him for asking me to leave.

Anyway.... I did manage to grab a few photos from the set on the days I was there.


Ron, Why can't I wear my pearls with this outfit, but can't the car be Pink?

You may be good looking but you are going to crash.
Have a Lili-icious Day.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gravity Falls in Love with Me... Lili of Lili-Land

Gravity Falls in Love with Me... Lili of Lili-Land

Hi everyone! It's me, Lili of Lili-Land.

Sorry you have not heard from me. George Clooney asked me to do promos for his new movie Gravity with Sandra bullock. I was thrilled to help because I was on the set filming with them since I am in a small part of this movie. 
So here are a few scenes that Sandra had cut out of the movie. She's a real DIVA!

"Hand me that doohickey thingy, George."

She felt I was a bigger draw than HER! Of all the nerve. Sorry Sandra! You know I love you! But I love ME too! And so does everyone else! George fought to keep me in the film but I took the high road and quietly help up a paw and walked away.

Here is George Clooney thinking of me.... Lili!

Yes! This is truly me, Lili floating in space! See you at the movies!!! I'm sure the film is terrific.

I'm getting seasick... honest.

Have a Lili Lovely Day!

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