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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Escape to Escape Plan

Hello all. It's your favorite Princess, ME, Lili of Lili-Land and I've got a story for you.

Once again I was asked to appear in the big new hit movie, Escape Plan, by my good friends Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I can't say I approve of Arnold's behavior of late, but he's still pretty good in the movies.

So, there I am on the set filming action sequence after sequence when Peeples (he's a poodle) and Meeko (he's a cat) storm onto the set waving some sort of lawyerly paper work complaining that I'm not getting enough money for my appearance in this film.

Arnold (apparently he hates cats) tossed all of us off the set and I was promptly cut from the movie.

Sly called to say he was sorry for the mix up. I know that Meeko (he's a cat) meant well and I'm sure that Peeples (he's a poodle) egged him on, but I told those two that they can't just storm onto a set screaming about money.

Anywho.... it's a wonderful film filled with twists and turns and as the body count piles up you'll be thanking me for telling you to go see this one. Derek and I loved it.

We give it the Big Old Five Buckets of Popcorn. Check your brain at the door... you won't need it. Just enjoy the ride with two old friends. The chemistry between Sly and Arnold is sparkling. Just like me. I sparkle all the time.

You all have a Lili-icious Day and don't forget to read The Green Monkeys over at

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