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Monday, October 7, 2013

Rainy Day with Cheaters.

Hello all. It's me Lili of Lili-Land and let me tell you, a rainy day brings out the worst in people.

Case in point: Meeko, he's a cat. Derek and I were going to spend the afternoon watching old movies on Turner Classic when Meeko (you know... the cat) knocked on the door.

He barged in with Monopoly under his arm and proceeded to set up the game on the kitchen table. "Come on guys. Who wants to have some FUN?" he shouted.

We didn't. Derek wanted to nap while it rained outside watching Cary Grant saunter his way through film after film. I personally think Derek is better looking but I digress.

Meeko wouldn't take no for an answer and so we sat there and started. I knew we were all in trouble with Meeko insisted on being the Battleship. I of course was the dog, they don't make a high heel and I can't stand the stupid Boot.

Derek was happy being the Race Car.

It wasn't long into the game when I noticed that Meeko had an awful lot of cash piled up and was already buying hotels. HOTELS?

That's when Derek whispered to me, "I think Meeko, he's a cat, is cheating. I don't remember him buying all those hotels."

Derek growled. Meeko snarled and flipped the board in a huff. Game pieces went flying. One landed in my Cucumber Cooler Drink. That Meeko. He's a real cat.

Meeko stormed out of the house yelling something about being ganged up on every time he tries to have some fun.

He got his when the skies suddenly opened up and he was drenched in buckets of rain.

He looked like a drowned rat... but he's a cat. I think I already said that... the part about him being a cat.

We went back to napping and watching Cary Grant movies.

Today's lesson... never trust a Meeko when playing Monopoly.

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Have a Lili-icious Day.

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