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Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Thoring Snoozefest of Epic Proportions

Thor! A Thoring as in Boring Bad Time!

Hello all! It is me, Grand Gal Lili of Lili-Land.

Derek, Meeko (he's a cat) and I went to the movies and saw the much anticipated Thor.

We were a bit confused, at first, since we had not seen the first one... apparently we missed the memo.

None the less....UGH! Let me tell you... It was barking awful! We had a growling grueling time!

First of all, Thor is handsome, but I cannot sit there and watch a man who is trying to be prettier than me! 

Of course, the producers begged me to play the Natalie Portman role but they thought I would outshine the main character Chris Hemsworth and of course I would because I am Lili fantastic.

Anyway, I HATED this movie. The special effects were GEE WHIZ BINGO but that's about it.

The ruthless brother was slightly interesting. He reminded me of Meeko (he's a cat) sneeky at times but fun to watch chase after a mouse.

I don't even know how to review Thor. Only that there were a lot of freaky creatures and Thor swinging his big hammer.

I am so happy I dropped out of this film. It was tiresome. Derek fell asleep. I cracked him over the head and shouted, "WAKE UP!" He thought he got his with Thor's hammer.

Meeko threw popcorn at the screen several times before management at the theater tossed him out.

Please stay home. Don't see this movie.

Thor was a snoring bland time....It would have been better had Thor knocked us all out with that hammer.

Peace, Love and have a Lili-icious Day from here in Lili-Land.

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