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Monday, November 25, 2013

#ShopSmall Saturday with ME... Lili of Lili-Land

#ShopSmall Saturday
November 30,2013
Sponsored by American Express

This gal shops BIG in a #ShopSmall way! My American Express Card is burning a hole in my fur pocket!

Hello all! It is me, Lili! I have been celebrating Hanukkah because I never pass up the opportunity to celebrate a holiday. I am also preparing for a Lili-mas joyous Christmas extravaganza! Let the Shopping begin. 

I gathered Derek and Meeko (he's a cat) to shop Local with me on November 30, Saturday!

One thing for Lili-sure is I shop Big, Big, Big in a small business boutique way!
American Express is promoting a campaign to shop small and help out our tiny stores across the USA!

To start, I will hit the shops in Lovely Westhampton Beach!

First it's the Beach Bakery to sip delicious coffee to warm my paws.  I'll fill Derek and Meeko's sweet tooths with some yummy-licious JELLY DONUTS. Then it's time to chat up Simon the owner! 

Now it's time to begin my shopping whirlwind! I will visit Messina Jewelry and scoop up some diamonds and precious stones for me, me, me! I'm worth it.

I will also get some trinkets for Derek and Meeko! Messina's has lovely cufflings too! I love the one on one attention I receive there!

After that, I will buy up the toy store Sugar Daddy's! They have cool super hero figurines that Derek loves! Toys for the big kid and collector! They have a giant Iron Man statue! Lili Cool! Derek loves this place but I have to keep Meeko's paws off that Iron Man Statue. I'm sure he'll try to scratch out it's eyes. Bad Kitty!

I need some baby gifts so I will make an appearance in Shock Kids! They have great unique stuff!

I also need some NYDJ Jeans, so I will pop over to Shock Women's store! They have great service! I took 5 lbs off my figure with a pair of jeans! Lili fabulous! I need some fantastic sweaters too!

I will race across the street to Blue 1 for some funky clothes for some of my movie star friends! You know who you are! I hate to be a name dropper!

Then we'll stop at Lynne Stoller's Shop for some great designer stuff! What a lovely experience!

We'll be exhausted but onward we'll go... There are more and more stores to hit before we leave! To name a few, Beach Greenery, to pick up some cute things for the home. Westhampton Beach T Shirts, the lovely owners Flo and Jim and of course their D-O-G, Colleen. They make cool customized T Shirts! I ordered 10,000 "I Love Lili Bruno T Shirts" for all my friends! 

The reason? They Love me, Lili!

I cannot forget Fahrenheit! My friend Sammy's mom owns it! Hip and Lili happening clothes!

I can't forget Lynne's for endlessly needed Holiday Cards!
We'll be famished so it's lunch at Margarita Grill!  Always delicious!

Shop Small! American Express is right on target!
Support your local business owner!!!!

I did!

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