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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Colonoscopy Lili Style

Good morning! It is me Lili! 

As you all know a colonoscopy is a must these days for prevention! 

So leave to Meeko to suggest I, Lili get one! He had his done and he was actually thrilled with the experience. (What can I say...he's a cat)

I was flabbergasted at first, butt Derek suggested a doctor he saw on the Dr. Oz show. Her name was Dr. Pokinheiny. She was a gastronologist from that grand city New York. 

So my driver, Al, drove me into the city to meet with Nurse Penelope Polyps (Yes, indeed, that is her name) to go over the prep for my "procedure." 

It was not pretty. She told me I could not drink anything pink, red or purple the day before the colonoscopy. That was disappointing since pink is my favorite color.

The night before I feasted on all the food I could eat then the next morning I started my prep. Let me just say Ughhh...Lili-gag awful.

You've got to be kidding me!

Derek gave me a cool cloth for my head. Both Meeko and Derek held my hand and waited on me pads and paws.

The day of the tour of my Lil-pretty derrière was nerve racking. I dressed for success only to arrive at the beautiful surgery center to learn I had to wear a dismal hospital gown. I was Lili flabbergasted! 

I gave the nurse a paw toss and demanded a pink gown! I, being Lili of Lili-Land got my way. With quick results, they supplied me with a gorgeous pink gown made especially for me.

The anesthesiologist explained he was using propanol to put me into twilight. I gasped! I almost fainted. Is that what the King of Pop was on? I asked.

They assured me it was safe and they don't abuse it. They put on the radio to make for a pleasant atmosphere.

In went the IV. I turned on my side and before I knew it, I was awake. 

The ironic part of the story, I woke up listening to Michael Jackson singing Beat It! I am not even joking! Derek snickered, it was my Seinfeld moment.

I got a clean bill of health. I was over Lili-joyed! 

We had a feast fit for a Lili Queen that night to celebrate my Colonoscopy.

I urged you all to GO, just ask for some Frank Sinatra songs instead of anything by The King of Pop.

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