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Sunday, September 8, 2013

RHONJ Preview

RHONJ preview

Hello from Lili-Land! 

Derek, Meeko and I are making some fresh pasta and tomato sauce or gravy, as they say in New Jersey, preparing to watch tonight's all new episode of those not as famous as me, Lili, housewives.

I am sitting on my chaise reflecting on last weeks episode as Meeko and Derek are preparing our Lili Italiano Feast! Manga Bene! Eat well!

I believe they are still at the spa and I read spoilers that Manipulative Melissa disses jail bound Teresa at her birthday party during the toast. 

I'm disgusted yet I can't look away.

Little Joe Gorga cannot seem to come to grips with the cheating accusations about his wife, the ex stripper, oops I mean faithful housewife! She is writing a book, Love Italian Style The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage!

Oops, I coughed up a fur ball!

I look pretty good, don't I?

Will little Joe Gorga throw dishes? Will manipulator Melissa fess up?

Will they cart Joe Guidice and Teresa off to the big house? Oops I mean their mansion. Will Rosie lose her cool? Will Rich tell them to stuff themselves with Kathy's cannolis?

Time will tell. Stay tuned! Same Jersey time! Same Jersey channel!

We will be Lili lounging in front of our television as should all of you!


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