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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Hampton Grill Forking Grand Time

Over the past weekend I attended two spectacular events. Yes, I, Lili, Wonder Woman feasted on the best food the Hamptons and New York has to offer.

The first night was GrillHampton, a tasty selection of grilled goodies. There was a contest to see what was best. For my taste buds it was Hill Country Barbecue Market. I think I wolfed down a few plates of grilled steak from them before I was told to move along.

Hill Country Barbecue Market was EXCELLENT!
I ate, I danced, I ate some more. I mingled with all the Hamptonites.

I'm ready to EAT!

Hey Bob Edelman. I'll be Dan's Papers' Cover Girl.

At Grill Hampton I dined on 40 cupcakes from Hampton Cupcake Lounge. Delish!

HEY, Who is this guy in white. I should get a hat like that and publish my own paper.

This was my favorite place for Taste of the Two Forks.

Lauren Lombardi is almost as pretty as me. Will she lend me those earrings?
Oh, my... is this Vodka?

I kicked up my heels and danced the night away.
All in all it was a great night. I had a Taste of the Two Forks even if it I don't always use one to chow down!

I even got a goodie gift bag on my way out! Wow! Dan's Papers really knows how to throw a party. I tried to start a conga line but I had a hard time reaching for the other guests' waists. They all towered over me, even if I was the biggest attraction there! 

So, needless to say, I didn't conga, but I grooved to the beat of the DeeJay!

I arrived early, VIP of course, and I closed the party down. I not only had a Taste of the Two Forks, I ate enough food to feed the whole island.

You are the King of the Hamptons, Dan. I am in awe of you. May I be crowned the Queen? I tell myself... in time Lili... in time.

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