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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Westhampton Beach's own Messina Jewelry!

What's That Calling In My Ear?

Westhampton Beach's Own Messina Jewelry!

Hello my wondrous friends!

I was strolling downtown Main Street in Westhampton Beach, that glorious little beach town and I stumbled upon a gorgeous store.I was gravitating towards the door questioning to myself, "What type of goodies are in here?" 

Being roughly 24 inches tall and about 28 inches in my luxurious heels, It is difficult for me to window shop. Let me set the scene.

As I approached this lovely shop, I felt the pull, almost a calling, "Come In Lili... Come in Lili!"

So I did! What I witnessed took my breath away. I felt a bit faint as I took in all the fabulous jewelry. I composed myself. Then it happened.

I hugged the counter of precious gemstones trying to soak in their brilliance. They shined, they sparkled, they dazzled... just as I do!

I thought to myself, this was meant to be.

I was lost in my own thoughts, fantasizing about all the delicious jewelry Derek could purchase for me. Suddenly, there was an echo from a distance. 
"Hello, may we help you with something?"

The two lovely women startled me. I was embarrassed. They said, "Please do not touch the glass." Paw prints really did a number on display cases they explained.

At first I growled a bit and showed my teeth, but then I apologized and asked about the store. I suppose they didn't realize I get a Paw-icure every week. So my growl turned into a smile as I listened intently about the jewelry I loved so much!

Diamonds are this gals best friend!

Thats what Miss Monroe, my great, great, great grandmothers best friend always sang and her words ring true!

Nicole and Lisanne gave me the whole history of the shop. To my surprise, I knew the owner, Nicole's husband, Lenny, who owns my favorite Ice Cream Store , Haagan Daz on Main Street (where I saw Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise on the Fourth of July) and also Sugar Daddy's Toy Store. The other owner, Susan, was not there that day so I excused her being absent. To think she missed my arrival in her store! She may be lucky enough to see me next time! 

The two women gave me their undivided attention showing all the up and coming designers pieces!
I gasped designer pieces?? Do they cost a small fortune I asked?

Then I looked at the prices, they were very reasonable! The necklaces were breathtaking as the diamonds intoxicated me. Just as a good biscuit does to me!
I loved the precious gemstones! Dazzling colors! Even pink stones! My favorite color!

They had gold rings which I absolutely adored! I know you are asking yourself, "How does Lili wear a ring?" Around my neck of course on one of their lovely gold chains!

I stopped short in my tracks as I came upon a pair of earrings I fell in love with. I stood on my tippy paws and tried to get a better look. What great attention I received, Nicole swept me up on the counter and said, " Get a better look Ms. Lili."

I turned to her and spoke slowly, "It is Lili, just Lili."
I was overwhelmed, I almost whimpered at her kindness. "But, but, my paws will spot your glass."

"No worries Lili. We are here to serve you," Nicole said smiling. I thought to myself, you are getting it Nicole! Lili loves and deserves special attention! I tried on the earrings! They were fantastic! Lisanne called Derek to get his credit card to purchase these wonderful trinkets for me!

They gift wrapped them in a beautiful box and said they would mail them out! Derek would give them to me personally.

I was so pleased! "What about for the man in your life," they asked me. "Would you like to get something for your BFF Derek?" they asked.

I was a bit confused. Me?, Lili, buy something for Derek? Do girls do that? I asked.

"Of course, yes, all the time," they said.

I was ashamed I didn't think of it. I asked them to show me some things for him.
They had beautiful Pens, Rings, and lovely sterling silver bracelets from Italy! 
I decided on a Pen! Derek can use it to write me love notes!

At that moment , I was feeling very Italian. 
Upon leaving, I said, "CIAO BELLA!"
They stopped me.They blocked the door.
Please Lili, wait, may we bother you for a moment.
Nicole and Lisanne requested a photo op with me. Of course, I was exhilarated from experiencing so much out of this world top notch jewelry, so I said YES! 
Snap, snap, a photo autographed by me!

This shop is truly a Bark above the rest!
I bought many lovely pieces from Messina Jewelry! 
Derek doesn't keep this gal on a short leash when it comes to jewelry!
Visit Messina Jewelry at 103 Main Street Westhampton Beach, NY. 

Call for store hours: 631-288-2967

I Did!

Have a Sparkling Day!

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