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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Bachelorette: Who's Crying Now?

Wow! Heavy stuff last night on The Bachelorette !
What a shocker! A big skid on the road of this journey! Was that tire tracks on Des's heart? After all, these are very deep relationships. She has known these men rrrrrruffly ten whole weeks!

Oh, snap out of it.
Des is down to three Ken dolls, I mean guys. 
I was thinking, would I, Lili, fall head over paws for any of them?

Note to self: Umm... Not really!

Brooks is like a Yorkie, always yapping, and whimpering like a cry baby.
Wipe your eyes! Puffy eyes... NOT attractive! Did you peel onions before the scene?

Chris reminds me of a Jack Russell, very energetic and athletic, just spunky. I am tired just watching him!

Drew reminds me of a Cocker Spaniel, always there and wagging his tail. A people pleaser. AnnoyingUghhhh,Not for me.

Oh Des, you really got yourself into a pickle! It is almost as bad as walking into a red ants colony. Do you realize how difficult it is to get those critters out of your fur? Almost as difficult as washing Brooks right out of your luxurious mane! Is it easy? For Lili? Yes! For you? Well maybe not so easy, Brooks will probably be the next Bachelor.

If this happens Des, pick up a Kleenex and watch the show! You must keep up the ratings! You are a now member of the Bachelor Nation!
You have been pinned! Like a sorority!

Let me address the over used word issue in the show. Is it just me?
Hey, the writers really need a thesaurus to switch it up!

Journey 262 times
Amazing 350 times
Incredible 176 times
Loving 354 times 
"Amazing Journey" 768 times
Future 234

All in last night's show!

I have to be honest. I laughed. I cried. I growled at the screen at Brooks! He really behaved like a mutt! At one point, I was throwing my biscuits, until I realized Derek was eating them. Men!

An Emmy Award winning performance!

Brooks realized he was not in love with Des and he discussed it with the whole universe! He discussed it with all of US. Des was the last to know! He behaved like a real cat! Sneaky!

Brooks, I must say your acting last night with the breakup scenes could earn you an Emmy. You were great how you cried continuously and apologized over and over. You didn't want to say goodbye. Brooks, you are a fraud. You didn't even say hello!  You never loved Des! You loved the vacation and you were testing your acting chops!

You kept saying, I don't know what to do, should I leave? Umm... Yes Brooks LEAVE! You lost your vacation rights!

News flash: Chris and Drew are not going to marry you now when they realize the fantasy suite was just that. A Fantasy!
Note to Chris Harrison: Please, look for another hosting gig!
This show is becoming tired.

But, I, Lili will keep watching next week  because unlike Drew, I am committed!
Blow your nose Drew! Your 15 minutes is over!

No, NO, NOOOO.... it's not big enough.

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