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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Barking Good Time with the Wolverine

Yes, I, LILI, was dragged to the movies last night by my BFF, Derek to see Wolveine! He insists he's related in some way to a wolverine. He's a second cousin, five times removed... on his uncle's side by marriage, I think... He's a nut. I mean the uncle... Not Derek.

We settled into our seats in the first row. The theater was too crowded. We munched on popcorn and Good and Plenty. Yum!
When the movie began, it felt like we were sucked into the screen! We were so close, I noticed a scratch on one of wolverine's claws!

It was very loud, especially when you have such a keen sense of hearing like Derek and I have! At one point, I covered my ears with my paws!

Not being a fan of wolverine, I was lost. Derek was practically jumping out of his seat during the fight scenes. I was so annoyed I growled at him and at one point my claws came out. He spilled soda in my lap.

The movie wasn't too bad, but like I said, I had no idea what was going on. Who's Jean? Why does everyone think Hugh Jackman is so HOT? Derek's much better looking.

The Japanese girl with the magenta hair was amazing how she jumped in the air with her Samurai sword! Wow! Amazing! I turned to Derek and said aloud, "Oh, I can do that!"

The audience applauded me. I was embarrassed...just a bit and shhh'd them! 

One thing that really made my wolf come out... There was a CAT in the film! Why didn't they call me? I am much better looking! They must have I thought to myself, I was convinced and didn't get the message!

Peeples! That DARN poodle never gives me any messages.

Watch the movie folks! Give the wolf some respect!
There is delicious Japanese food in this film. I was starving afterwards and since there are not many Japanese restaurants in the Hamptons, I had to settle for an egg roll! Hold the MSG.

HOWEVER, the movie does move along and it's fun to see Japan, Land of Sushi and Neon. It's much better than Superman. That one put us both to sleep.

So everyone get out your swords and fight the crowds to see Wolverine!

It is as easy as 
Ichi, Ni, San.... 1,2,3! 
Buy a ticket!!

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