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Thursday, August 1, 2013

RHONJ Pelligrino Water and Semolina Bread

Engraved Tin Cups with TG and JG!

Hello all. It's me Lili! I know this isn't Sunday, but extra, extra read all about it: Joe... Joe and Theresa are at it again!

Let me just get to the jist of the story: 50 years in the slammer? Nothing fabilicious about that! Theresa, WHAT are you thinking? I read in Radar Online that Theresa appeared at the Beauty Buster Awards and made the statement, "You can't stop living."

Newsflash Theresa: The thought of 50 years made my hair stand up on the back of my neck and I have been chewing my paws all day! What are you thinking?

Do you realize stripes make you look FAT. You can not dye your hair jet black in the big house. Listen Sweety, I am not talking mansions here when I use the phrase "Big House." It's a large cement house, not stucco with a terracotta roof.

Don't Shoot... I'm too beautiful.

You need a good growling to...You won't be making fresh sausage in prison, I heard they cook up some of my horse friends cousins in the burgers.
Not an appetizing thought, but I guess you can write another cook book with all new recipes.

Here are some thoughts on titles.

Up The River Recipes with the Guidices
Slinging the Hash for 1500 Inmates in less than15 Minutes
Fabilicious Boiled Big House Recipes 
Grilled Rodent Recipes Italian Style

Theresa, If you think your cast mates are tough, remember Ashley a few seasons back pulling out Danielle's hair extensions?

Write this down: Remove any and all hair extensions and false eyelashes, because if you don't, your bunk mates will! Leave designer goods at home. Request a pretty solid color suit. Like me, you look great in pink!
Stripes make people look chubby!

I am truly disappointed in you Theresa! I stood behind you in my blogs! Now I have Alpo on my face! Yuck!

Joe... Joe didn't surprise me. He was always a little shady! You would never get a sunburn while he's on the beach! But, I liked him too! He was funny... at times!

I am not an attorney but I, like Caroline Manzo, will put my three cents in.

You will get a smack on your manicured hands and no fears, you won't break any of your gel tips! Joe... Joe will get a little time but he can handle it. In no time, he will be Italy bound and then YOU can have a spin off show.

Stare Attento Italia
Joe E'Qui.

Watch Out Italy
Joe is here.

Note to your In-laws:

I, too, have the poop-arrazzi snapping my photo, but I handle myself like the star I am, I smile. I don't break cameras. I don't give them the naughty number one salute.

The poop-arazzi can make you or break you!

I need a cake with a file in girls have strong biceps!

I do feel sorry for your four adorable girls and your parents. I mean this from my heart. They don't deserve this! Shame on you, Theresa and Joe!

It is not all about you.
It is ALL about me, LILI.
You are innocent until proven Guilty!
Good Luck and I will be glued to my set on Sunday!

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