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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blue Jasmin

Blue Jasmin

Hi everyone! It's me, the Lili... Divine Lili! 

Well, Derek and I went to see Blue Jasmin tonight, but it could have been Blue Janette because that's what the main character, Cate Blanchette's real name was in the movie before she changed it to Jasmine!

So from now on you can call me Pink Lilac or Lilliette.

We watched the movie and thought it a fine film even if Woody is a bit of a nut.

Woody Allen called me to play Jasmin, but my schedule was full. I did humor him because he constantly begged me to be in it, so I was in some scenes as a character actor. There are no small parts.

Did you spot me in the crowd?
The movie was about a woman who marries a crooked man, ala Alec Baldwin. 

My friend Alec Baldwin was quite good. He did not have a yelling scene. He plays that part out on the sidewalks of NYC with the poop-arazzi ! You go Alec! Never a dull moment.

This scene was cut. My line was, "Talk the the hand."
Anyway... Jasmine loses her money and lives with her sister, who she feels is never quite the diva she could be. The movie portrays Jasmin's struggles to get a new life. 

It also shows the distinction of the different classes. The socialites, like Me! And the working class, sort of like my BFF, Derek.

"Snap out of it," I shouted.

The movie is funny and sad. I wasn't thrilled about the ending. I put a call into Woody and scolded him. He should have asked my advice how to end it!

Derek disagreed and explained it to me, how in the end it was the Diceman's speech to Jasmine that was so brilliant. As much as she tried to reinvent herself and lie about her past, she never let go of all her guilt and certainly never let go of her past. The Diceman's character, in his own humble way, comes to terms with what happened to him. He's not happy but at least he's not mumbling to himself on a park bench at the end of the movie.

Sometimes I think Derek is very smart.

Andrew Dice Clay was excellent. Where did they dig him up? Last time I saw his name anywhere was a nightclub in Los Angeles. I've never seen his act. I'm sure it would burn my sensitive hears.

Who smokes anymore. It's the Diceman.
Was the trainer Ali from a previous Bachelor show? The horror! 

All in all, not the best Woody movie. Midnight in Paris was far better as was Match Point. For Derek and I the best Woody movie is still Take the Money and Run.

Have a Lili-icious Day.

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