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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Butler Did It!

The Butler!
Hello all, it's me, Lili.
The Butler! Derek and Meeko thought  this was the American version of Downton Abbey, but once again, they were wrong!

One of the many scenes that was cut from the final edit.

Needless to say, this was a fine movie.

The movie spans 30 years of service of a gentleman who was a Butler to eight American presidents.
Oprah makes her acting comeback. I am not sure why they didn't call me back. I auditioned for a part and even filmed a few scenes. I was in one scene with Oprah when she was dancing on screen to Soul Train. We had a blast, but for some reasons the producers thought I stole the show... so they asked me... very nicely, if I didn't mind if they cut me out of the movie. 

I got my goove on... woo woo.

Oprah was crying because I simply looked too fabulous. So I, being Lili, gave my approval to have the scene cut.

I loved Forest Whitaker. That man can almost act as well as me! 

The movie touched on numerous subjects including slavery, civil rights, the black panthers and equality.

It was sad in some part, so Meeko cried most of the time. I teared up, but I, being Lili, love to look my best at all times, so I composed myself. Derek took my paw in his and held it tightly.

We were glued to the screen. Oprah was goterrificd, but I think she didn't have to be so jelosy of my acting ability. This might have been my time to shine! Well, I am younger, so I have time. I do love Oprah and so does Derek. 

We had a good snicker, because I said, "I am low maintenance compared to Oprah because I don't buy $38,000 handbags!"

Meeko chimed in, "Not yet!" I snarled at him. He apologized for his faux paw. All was well in Lili-land.

I mentioned to Derek, a $5000 bag would be enough for me. Derek smiled and said I am worth every penny and more! Of course Derek is correct.

The movie had wonderful food in it. I loved the fried chicken, the cakes and cookies and potato salad! Yum! Look for me at the State dinner in the film. 
I look smashing!

I did think John Cusack looked a little too young to play Nixon.

All in all it was a great movie. We enjoyed it! 
A big bark out to Oprah! You did well girl! Of course I forgive you for pushing me out of the movie. I know I would have been nominated for the Oscar.

No harm, no growl! 

Go out and see The Butler! We did! You'll thank us.

Have a Lili-Like Day and don't forget to read The Green Monkeys everyday.

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