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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Boungiorno, George Clooney!

Boungiorno, George Clooney!

Boungiorno, All. It's me, Lili, in Lake Como, Italy! Derek and I were invited by the one and only Georgie. George Clooney! He invited us for a week at his beautiful home there.

See me standing by the bridge... that's me! Derek floated out on George's boat to snap this.

Derek, George and I go way back. Somewhere, way, way, back, we are cousins.

When we arrived in beautiful lake Como, George was at the airport waiting there with a big smile and open arms. Derek snapped some fabulous photos of me and George.

George took me around Italy on his motorcycle to see the sights. He said Italy pales in beauty compared to me! Derek agreed, and I must say, the two of them are correct. I am pretty gorgeous.

Hold tight.

When I was there, I was on vacation but Georgie (Derek and I call him that) insisted I do some photo shoots with him. He pleaded. What was this gal to do? I said Yes! 

So we took a few snapshots for Vanity Fair Magazine, and hopefully, they will use them! We even took a snap shot with Randy Gerber, Cindy Crawford's hubby, to promote some  crazy drink. George assured me it was a Shirley Temple. Hmmm, I wonder.

I hope this is a Shirley Temple.
We were in talks about doing a movie together, Lili, in Lili Land. We even took a photo proof for the movie poster!

No script, yet... but I'm sure George is working on it.

The week went too fast. The last night, Georgie and I sat on the sofa engrossed in deep conversation... mostly about me! He said I am the only starlet that makes him star struck. He reminded me how poised and pretty and talented I am. He made my tail thump out of control! He was full of compliments, as he should be. I was in total agreement... so was Derek.

A relaxing day with Georgie.

We had a great time Georgie! We may purchase a home across the lake!


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