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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2 Guns, no... Make that 3

2 Guns. No, make that three.

There we were in a packed movie theater. Derek always treats me to movie night on Tuesdays. Actually he takes me on Tuesdays since it's cheap movie night where all the tickets are only $7.50. I don't mind. It leaves him more money to spend on gifts for ME.

Let me tell you. This movie blew my pinks heels off. Derek was a bit confused towards the end. I whispered to him, "Just go with the flow. Maybe by the end you'll figure it out."

I didn't really care... I was too busy making winky eyes with Mark Wahlberg. He's a real gem and I'm sure he'd like my pink heels. You can wink back any time you want Mark. I won't tell the Misses. 

What am I saying. Derek was sitting right next to me and I was dreaming of.... I was dreaming of that 43 million! So Derek didn't mind! Actually, I was not star struck with Mark Wahlberg because he realizes I, Lili, am a huge star, too!

I am sure he will call me for a starring role in his next film. The phone line is open, Mark.

I am ready for my close up!

Wink, wink!

Go see 2 guns! The banter between Mark and Denzel was funny, but it was missing one essential ingredient, ME, Lili.

Now it's off to play Powerball. Here's hoping I win. I need a new pair of heels.

Have a sparkling day!

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