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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Authors Night 2013 in Easthampton, NY

Authors Night 2013 in Easthampton, NY

I bought lots of books to help out a good cause!

Hi, it's me! Lili!

I am so excited! I, Lili, have yet to write a book. However, I do have it on my bucket list, right after my Academy Award win. Watch out Gwyneth.

My BFF Derek always reminds me of my multifaceted talents. I know, I am Lili-icious. I love to hear about Me, me, me! I have an ego... and it is BIG.

When I see my name in lights, my ears perk up and I give a wag of my tail! I am a true star!

I have big news. I, Lli, was the special guest of honor at Authors Night in East Hampton. It was a charity event for the library and they raised $300,000! Bravo, Barbara Goldsmith, co-chair of the event. What a wonderful and gracious lady.

Barbara Goldsmith is a true gem. Lisa Tamburini photo credit.

I am sure most of the people showed up to see the authors but I am certain many came to see me, Lili.

The pooperazzi were having a field day with me. They asked me what I thought about Gwyneth Paltrow being named the most beautiful in the world. My answer, "Let me correct you, Gwyneth Paltrow is very beautiful, but I, Lili Liliyan Martie Martine Bruno, am equally beautiful! 

Then it happened, my green crept in. It fell out of my mouth, like a toy duck when I lose interest. I blurted it out without warning.

Forgive me Gwyneth, I am just a tad more beautiful! There I said it! A true faux paw. The pooperazzi pitted me against my dear friend Gwyneth. When Gwyneth arrived, she was stunning in a gorgeous white dress. I, of course, looked Lili -fabulous in my signature pink frock. 

We're both pretty... yes, we are!

She looked at me and gasped.  She said, "Lili, I made a mistake, I should have worn pink. You shine!"

I answered, "Of course I do, I am a big star!" We Hollywood air kissed on both cheeks and she begged me to sit with her to autograph books. We realized the crowd that was lining up truly wanted to meet me, too. So I gave in and embraced my public.

Gwyneth was wonderful and her kids, Apple and Moses, were adorable. She couldn't thank me enough, that I took the time from my evening to join her.
I love her book, It's All Good! It is true, the recipes are GREAT. It keeps me svelte and looking grand! Thank you Gwyneth!

Chris Martin of Coldplay, my favorite band of all time, (who in my opinion tops Pink Floyd) was there accompanying his wife. Not only is he super talented, he is a Gem! A wonderful guy. Note to self: reply to Chris's demands to join his band on his next tour! I have a fabulous voice. I can really belt out a tune and he knows it!

I'm dying to know what these two where so deep in conversation about... I'll have to make a few calls. Lisa Tamburini, photo credit.

I caught up with Chris when he was speaking with my fave author, Michael Paraskevas, who was there with his new children's book, Taffy Saltwater.
I love that book, but he realized the title should have been Lili Saltwater!
Michael's faux paw! He realizes it now and called to apologize in advance.

The most accomplished author, Kitty Kelley, was there with her new book, Capturing Camelot. This woman is a class act and gorgeous. Of course, I, Lili  am Numero UNO but kitty is close on my tail! She is so talented and I read all her books. My Grandfather absolutely loved her Sinatra book. Her next title, Lili Bruno of Lili -Land! Hint, hint Kitty.

I look just like Jacki... Call me Lili O.

At first her name, Kitty, was unnerving to me, but she reassured me there are no felines in her family tree! Meeko, my cat friend, was disappointed, but I am thrilled. Kitty Kelley, we love you and your books! Meow!

A bark out to Bill Evans from ABC's Eyewitness News. I love this man! He wrote a great book Category 7. Bill winks at me each morning on television. Oops, the secrets out. Yes he is a fan of Me and Derek and I love him!

I'm in love... oops... don't tell Derek.

All in all, it was a true Hampton's Literary evening. There were famous authors wall to wall, and of course, the most famous, yet to write a book, but soon will, ME, Lili!

Here are some photos of me and some of my favorite authors from that night.

I don't think Alec likes me. The photo was by Lisa Tamburini.
I finally met someone who knew Churchill, James C. Humes. What's that saying? Six degrees.

It's Dan and his lovely wife, Christine. I gotta get a hat like that.

Here's Kathryn Livingston with a book called Lily. I thought it was about me...maybe next time. 
Lidia Matticchio Bastianich... I hope I spelled that right.

I told Jay McInerney that his new book should be called, Bright Lights, Big Lili.

Dr. Ruth is almost as tall as me.

One of the best... Lisa Tamburini

Jeffory Lyons had his terrific book there, but Boston? I'm a Yankees fan. 
 Lawrence Schiller knew Marilyn? Now he knows me.
Alex Papachristidis looks so handsome in his pink jacket.

Stan "The Man" Goldberg is always fun to chat with. He's looking terrific.

Don't forget to read The Green Monkeys. Sometimes I make an appearance.

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