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Monday, August 12, 2013

Biden and Beiber

A Lili Sparkling Hello to you!

It's me, Lili. Wow, did I ever have a barking busy weekend. Derek and I were out and about in sunny Southampton.

Just wanted to tell you about the so called star sightings in and around town.
The brightest star of course is ME! Me, me, me, Lili of Lililand. 

The poop-arazzi were following me around town. Derek and Meeko, our kitty-cat friend, were keeping them away from me. 

Derek and Meeko, shouted, "Please, give Lili her space, don't crowd her." They were dogging me. At one point, I felt faint. 

Then it happened. We were walking past a restaurant and there he was sitting at a table. Vice-President Biden was hanging out at 75 Main Street, the restaurant. I saw him there and he begged the poop-arazzi to snap a photo of me with him.

He pleaded with me. He was relentless in his effort to get a photo op with me, Lili. I am sure he realizes I am a pedigree and related to The Royal Family.
He has a toothy grin but it doesn't outshine my brilliant cover girl smile. The poops didn't need a flashbulb. My teeth glistened and lit up the room.

So they snapped the photo. The VEEP was all giggly. At one point he was applauding me and he clapped so loudly behind me, I almost jumped out of my fur! I felt like I was in the starring role of The Conjuring! Spooky!

Anyway, he invited me to the White House for a dinner in my honor, but I told him I have to check my schedule. He looked oh, so disappointed. His giggles turned to a frown. His eyes were welling up with tears. So I, realizing that everyone loves me, invited him to my estate at Lili-Land where we dined on Surf and Turf. We also hula danced.

The next day I was walking down Main Street to shop at Hildreth's. As I was strolling this big gangly goofy kid stepped on my tail. When I turned to snarl, he said, "Hey, hey... Lili Girl, it's me the Biebs."

Ugh I thought, Justin Bieber again. I asked if he was expecting rain because his pants were an odd length. He invited me for brunch at The Golden Pear, but I turned him down. He cried right there on Main Street.

I gave him a word of advice. I said, "Justin, when you come to the Hamptons, please use your words correctly, stop fighting and dress for success."

I, of course, always look my best as should he! 
He thanked me for the advice and then asked if I would reconsider going to brunch. I gave him a firm Paw in the air. He knew and I knew, it was a No!

He always begs me to make an appearance at his concert. He asked me again. I explained I would steal his thunder and he agreed . We kissed on both cheeks and I gave him a wag of the tail to suggest we are on good terms.

Derek and Meeko were exhausted just keeping the poop-arazzi away from my personal space. They asked, "Lili, how do you put up with this commotion on a daily basis?"

I turned and shouted, "All in a day, boys! All in a day!"

Then I turned to the poop-arazzi and struck a great pose!

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