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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Artists Writers Softball Game in Easthampton

The Artists Writers Softball Game in Easthampton

Hello, all! It was another Lili-Like day in Easthampton at the Artist Writers Softball Game to benefit local charities. All for a good cause. I Lili was so conflicted. I am a writer but my whole life is art, Sooooo... I played on both sides. No one seemed to mind, except  Mike Lupica. He's a bit of stickler for rules. I gave him a wave of my paw and went shopping in town. 

But before all the Lili drama with Sour-Puus Mike, I hung out with Jimmy Lipton for a spell.  He begged me to be a guest on his show The Actors Studio. He thinks I am fabulous, and I have to agree. I am Super-Lili-fabulous. I told him to let me check my schedule. he was relentless. So, I agreed to do his show in the future. He smiled so brightly, I need to put on my Chanel sunglasses.

Hanging out with Jimmy and talking on the radio.
Jimmy then pleaded with me to be on his team, so I said yes and I gave him a high paw five.

I was waiting for the game to begin when Matt Lauer asked me for my picture. Of course I posed for a few snapshots, but I felt very put upon when he asked me to autograph them all...To Him!

Matt wanted my picture. Who am I to deny my fans.

Ugh... Fame is difficult at times, but I never let down my fans because they love me and I love Me!

Matt asked me to walk with him because he was so star struck! So we strolled the grounds and we bumped into the one and only Dan Rattiner, who is equally as popular as me. Well, of course, I might be a percent more, I am Lili!

The poop-arazzi crowded us and took more photos. Matt and Dan thanked me for the opportunity. We air kissed as most celebrities do and parted ways. I didn't have the heart to tell Matt... I was a Good Morning, America fan. 

When the game started, the two teams were fighting who would get me, Lili on their teams. I could not decide so I played on both sides. I played short stop, like Derek's favorite Yankee player, Derek Jeter. Mike Lupica being the oh, so, serious player, insisted I take off my signature pink heels. I growled, you will never catch this gal in sneakers! He was ripping mad.
This was taken by Lisa Tamburini right before I dropped the ball.

Then it happened, I was playing short stop on his team and dropped the ball! I could not run in my heels. So Mike, being Mike, tossed me out of the game. So that's when it happened, I gave him an angry tail thump and a paw toss combined and left to go shopping.

The moment Mike Lupica had me thrown out of the game.
Meeko and Derek were booing him and the whole crowd of spectators and the other players gave me a standing ovation. I threw them kisses and Mike sulked on the bench.

President Clinton was disappointed because he missed an opportunity to have a photo with me, I was shopping! 

See you on Main Street  Mr. President!

Even though I Lili was tossed out of the game, it was for Charity.

No harm ! No Growl!

Who is that strange man in that HAT?'s Dan of course. I didn't have the heart to tell Matt I watch Good Morning, America.
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