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Sunday, August 11, 2013

RHONJ Day Dreaming in My Bubble Bath

Emergency alert!RHONJ

Hello, everyone! It's me, the fabulous Lili.

I went to Authors' Night last evening in Easthampton! I rubbed shoulders with all the authors and even some author-wannabees.

I will tell you all about in on Tuesday, because I am exhausted from all the dinner parties!

Anyway, Derek and I bought all sorts of Italian treats to watch the RHONJ.
We really get into to whole italian manga Italiano. We are serving pasta tonight! 

As I was soaking in my bubble bath this morning sipping my Lemon water, I was fantasizing about all the possibilities that could occur on tonight's episode.

Will little Joe Gorga finally see Melissa's wicked ways? Will he put a stripper pole in each room of the mansion? Will Joe-Joe and Theresa shop for stripper outfits? 
Will the Manzo's finally get a storyline? What will happen to Albie and Chris's restaurant? Will it ever open? 

Maybe they will work in Kim D's Posche store, selling shoes? They do have that shoe salesman look.

Will Lauren Manzo marry Joe Gorga if he divorces Melissa? Will little Melania start the family feud all over again?

I was weaving so many scenarios in my pretty little head my tail was spinning! I was dizzy! I said aloud, "Oh, Lili, snap out of it. Stop making these housewives problems your own!

I was done. I washed all there problems right out of my hair. I pulled the stopper and as the dirty water drained, i waved goodbye.

I was in a dilemma. At breakfast I told Derek my obsession about these people. He took my paw in his and calmed me.

He told me, "Don't get so involved. After all, they have Dr. V on board. I agreed.
We both stood quiet a moment enjoying our omelettes. At precisely the same time, we blurted out, "I wonder if Jacqueline will beat up Theresa?"

We both snickered and our tails wagged in delight of what was brewing on tonights episode!

We cannot stop spinning our stories about this group. It is too entertaining! Buckle up, tonights episode may be a bumpy ride!


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