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Monday, August 5, 2013

Dan's Papers, The King of the Hamptons, and the Kite Fly... and me Lili.

Hampton's Dan!

The Hamptons is not THE Hamptons without Dan Rattiner of Dan's Paper and of course me, Lili of Lililand!

He writes great columns that Derek and I read every week. My grandpa read all the great books Dan wrote about The Hamptons.

It's me and the King of the Hamptons!
I have to admit, at times I am a wee bit jealous of him. He does look pretty good in his signature hat. I was a bit perturbed when Derek said Dan has a great HAT FACE. 

I gave Derek my "annoyed lili look." My tail thumped on the floor. He knew I was upset, so he quickly corrected his faux paw and assured me I look just as good in my hat as Dan does.

I composed myself. I knew I did not have to compete with Dan, the King of the Hamptons. After all, I, Lili, am quite the Princess! I shine right along side with Mr.Rattiner!

Subject closed!

I must say, I love all the fabulous events Dan's Paper throws in the Hamptons. They are truly spectacular. I love it that I always get invited. They usually hand deliver a VIP invite right to my door. The kite flying event was great fun.

I can see my house from up here.

Derek made a kite that dominated the affair. It was a replica of me, Lili and of course, Dan! Together. Dan's request of course since I usually fly solo. But I made an exception!

I applaud all their events! I had a barking grand time at The Taste of the Two forks and Grill Hampton. I cannot wait for the next event!
Look for me in Dan's Papers. I make cameo appearances in The Green Monkeys!

They are almost as adorable as me!
Keep reading Dan's stories! I love them!
I love you Dan Rattiner! And I love me, me, me, Lili.

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