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Thursday, August 8, 2013

A La Parmagiana... La Meatball Scenario!

It's not a Meatball... it's a Streetball.
Hi, it's me, Lili. Last week I returned to the wonderful La Parmagiana in the very summery, oh, so, crowded Southampton.

I wanted to relax outside, on the lovely Italian, tiled table, to eat my pizza. As I waited to be served, my thoughts wandered back to THAT infamous day! The meatball slap and toss lover's spat.

The thought didn't enter my mind immediately. I was sitting enjoying a Shirley Temple, with extra cherries, and then... it hit me. I pride my keen sense of smell. I have a very sensitive, adorable nose.

But today, it was a curse! For some odd reason, there was a pungent aroma of baked garlic permeating from under the table.

I sneezed, my eyes watered. This was a travesty. I always look my best and now I only look 98% wonderful. I jumped up to investigate, being the curious gal I am, and also my sense of being a perfectionist! I love everything neat and tidy.

There it was!

Remnants of the crime scene from the meatball toss and slap lovers spat incident!

The hot sun baked the stain into the concrete. The scene of that quarrel replayed in my head! To think, I, Lili, almost stooped to the level if a D-O-G, scooping up a meatball off the street! I, once again felt mortified.

I walked towards the street, the horror! The meatball stain was baked into the pavement.

This was so annoying to me, I growled. I composed myself and requested to sit inside where the wonderful staff apologized. They assured me they would scrub the sidewalk immediately.

They all said in unison, "A Happy Lili, makes A Happy Restaurant."

I said, "Yes! You have that correct."

Wait... who is that at the next table? Was that the baggy pant boy, Justin Bieber?

He gave me a little wave, and smile. I gave him the paw toss. Bieber Fever? Not Me. I maintain a healthy 98.6. He has been an ungracious, celebrity lately. Besides, I sing better than he does!

I ate my pizza and to my surprise the poop-arazzi arrived. As Justin smiled for his close up, they ran right past him and snapped photos of me, Lili.

So... all ended well, and all in all, I had a great slice of pepperoni pizza!
I wonder what happened to the lovers.

They made a real impression on me and the sidewalk of southampton !

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