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Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Hamptons : The Talented Mr. Meeko

Derek and I were on a wonderfully relaxing cruise heading to Mongibello, somewhere on the coast of Italy. A sun filled spot that Derek and I felt we deserved. Well, I deserved... Derek was along to carry the luggage. I'm being mean. He's my BFF. But he stilled carried all the luggage, all 8 suitcases!

Anyway, the point of this little tail (HA) is that as we were walking down the ramp to shore I bumped into this strange little cat. He mumbled a quick, "Excuse me." I think he scratched me with bis claw! Ouch! I showed my teeth. He apologized.

Then he looked at me and said, "Lili? Lili Bruno? Lili Liliyan Martie Martine Bruno? It's me Meeko Greenleaf Messina. We were in school together. IT's soooo good to see you. You look marvelous."

Well... I did actually. Derek was still a bit green from the seasickness. I always look picture pretty perfect and I told him so. Meeko then replied, "Lili, you look absolutely purrrfect."

I blushed. I smiled broadly.
I have to admit, he won me over. He was charming, this Meeko, who I did not recognize, wore a very smart bow tie. Derek was growling mad.

He whispered, "Lili, Meeko is a cat. You know how cats are... sneaky... always trying to put one over on us. We don't know him. Besides, he looks a bit catnip crazed."

I told Derek he was jealous. All the boys in school wore ties, so Meeko MUST have been in my class. Derek still suspicious, said, "Yes, but NOT bow ties!
I was blinded by Meeko's good looks and wit. He made me a bit dizzy. I swooned.
I was under his cat spell.

Derek's words rang sharply in my ears as I shook my head to clear it.
It was at that moment, I had a revelation! I never went to school with a cat. EEK. Something was not quite right. He dropped a big pile of jazz records right on the dock. "OH, you like Jazz?" said Derek. "We love Jazz."

Before you know it, this fat little cat was tagging along for the next two weeks. Italy was a whirl of sunning, late night jazz clubs, and food, food, food. Meeko Greenleaf messina's friend showed up. Some fat little loser named Freddy.  It all seemed too familiar to me.

But I thought, I might have seen this in a movie. 

I pulled Derek to the side and asked him. "What's up with this cat. I don't think I even remember him being in class. And why is he wearing that hat. Real Jazz Lovers do NOT wear hats like that."

Derek gave me the old Pish-Posh wave of the hand. Derek and Meeko became fast friends pushing me, Lili aside. The whole thing didn't sit well. I, was Lili!

Two weeks stretched to four... 

As our vacation came to an end, we exchanged addresses and realized Meeko lived in Westhampton Beach. By that time, I had won meeko over once again. He, along with Derek, was carrying my luggage. Meeko gave me his full attention. Derek and Meeko were competing to be my BFF.

Derek was jealous! He gave me more and more attention. I loved it because I am Lili, diva, fashionista! It is always about me, me, me!

The phone rang. It was HIM, Meeko, inviting me to his swim club. Al, my driver, dropped me off for the day. While I was swimming in the pool, Meeko refused to join me! He sat on the side like a primadonna.

He was acting more and more like ME. He said he didn't want to damage his fur! He used a new conditioner with SPF 50 in it. I was flabbergasted, he was acting very Lili-ish! Very DIVA like!

We left the club to lunch at his home. Derek was not invited because Meeko said he wanted to soak in my beauty! Of course you do, I thought. After all, I am pretty much the most beautiful Lili around.

He was peculiar. He sat in bowls. He said all cats do. I don't think so. Red flag!

Then he took a nap... right after he had taken a nap. Get up! 

As the afternoon dragged on, he pounced on me with all sorts of questions. "Where do you get your hair done? Who soaks your paws? What perfume are you wearing?"

Enough, I thought. I snarled, but caught myself. We sat at lunch and he showed me his two prized candelabras! I almost coughed up a fur ball.

I thought, this was supposed to be about me, me, me! But Meeko is making it about him, him, him! The horror! 

Then it happened. It made me want to run back to Derek. Meeko asked me if I didn't mind pushing him in a baby stroller. I stood wide eyed!

He explained his parents and his two sisters always push him, but they were on vacation. He said it relaxed him. He began to tear up, so I pushed him.

He was purring.
Then it occurred to me... This is workI, Lili, was perspiring!
I told Meeko I could not push him anymore! I am Lili! He let out a little gasp and said he understood.
He told me the truth. He started to cry. We did not go to school together but he wanted to be my friend because I was Lili. I understood...sort of.

I called Derek and the three of us have great times together. 

Meeko, in an odd way likes to be like me, but then, I am Lili, doesn't everyone?


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