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Friday, August 30, 2013

George Clooney in HOT water again at the Venice Film Festival.

Boungiorno! IT's time to add some Gravity to the day.

It is me ,the lovely Lili, divine Lili, all the way from the Venice Film Festival

Pardon me that I took a day off, but I was motoring my way down the canal with none other than, George Clooney (or as I always call him, Georgie) and Rande Gerber promoting their new tequila. 

Turn left, turn're going to hit something.
Georgie assured me it is just like a Shirley Temple, but he told me it is best not to try it! I inquired why, but they were firm that I forgo drinking it. They each took an extra sample on my behalf.

By the's how you make a good Shirley Temple:

Anyway, there was much pawpoola about Georgie driving the motor boat. It appears he doesn't have a license. I felt terrible because Georgie wanted to impress me. He said the Italian citizens love me, Lili, as much as the rest of the world and he really wanted to show me off, not the tequila!

Georgie is always trying to impress me. He realizes Derek is my BFF and at times Georgie is a bit jealousies!

The poop-arazzi always are spreading tails about me and Georgie, but we are just friends. He is oh so much too old for me!

So we motored our way around Venice and someone complained. I bet it was Peeples, that poodle! She always is a trouble maker. George was rattled by the complaint but I, Lili, stood cool, calm and collected as we were off to attend the Venice Film Festival. 

George said he was lost in space, because he was blinded by my beauty and presence. That's why he made the faux paw of driving without a boating license.

When we arrived at the premiere of Gravity, George's new film, the audience cheered... not the movie but me! George said the crowd was over the moon from the presence of, me, Lili! I smiled and blew kisses. They were truly lost in space over me!

I was getting a bit wooozy hanging in space... I think I might have had too many Shirley Temples.

George didnt get in trouble since the Italian police are huge fans of mine! He did get a warning.

Go see Gravity! I am in some small parts. I could have had Sandra Bullocks roll but the space part made me woozy. Sort of how George behaves when he samples his new beverage!

Ti Amo!
I love you all!

Ahhhh... this Shirley Temple hits the spot.

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