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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Day on CNN with Chris Cuomo

New Day!

Hi, it's me Lili!

I love the new morning show with Chris Cuomo! He was always my grandfather's favorite anchor on GMA and mine too!

The show is on everyday starting at 7am -9am on CNN.

Derek and I love to watch it. The summer before last, I, Lili, went to an art exhibit in Southampton. As I was strolling through making my grand entrance, there he was... Chris Cuomo. He gasped at the sight of me.

He told me he was a big fan and if I could kindly sign an autograph for him. So I did! I happened to have a headshot of me in my Louis Vuitton satchel. 

I wrote... To Chris Cuomo, a paw above the rest! Love, Lili.

He was overwhelmed. He was so excited he could not get the words out fast enough. He told me about New Day that was in the works. He begged me to speak to CNN executives so that I could co-anchor with him. 

The test shot
To make a long story Lili-short, I went to the studio and took some snapshots with Chris for the co-anchor position. The top dogs loved them. They begged me to be on the show. 

But frankly, I turned them down, because I truly outshine Chris in the photos. I love Chris and want him to shine as he does each day. So I stepped down. 

Besides, I am too much of a Lili-diva to get up at 3 am for makeup! 

Here I am at my audition.
So Chris's is content with me watching at home. Watch closely, he winks each morning at the camera. He called and told me, that wink is for you, miss Lili. Chris invites me some weekends to go fishing with his family. Of course, I stand clear of the fish, but I lounge in the sun in true Lili fashion!

Bravo New Day! Tune in every morning on CNN.

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Have a Lili-icious Day.

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