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Friday, August 9, 2013

Down in the MUD with ME. A LiliLand Movie Review

Mud! EEEEK, the horror. Not the movie. Just the thought of all that MUD. 

A rare poster that seems to have not been used.

Hi, it's me, Lili! I am writing to you from my bubble bath! Last night, Derek and I I watched the much anticipated movie MUD on demand. 

Of course, I am always pristine clean, so watching MUD made me feel a bit dirty. I could not understand how Matthew Macaughney was so filthy when he was surrounded by so much water!

It is a coming of age story about two young boys who befriend a cookala fugitive running from the law! It is a love story... in an offbeat sort of way. 
The two boys help the fugitive to reunite with his one true love, Reese Witherspoon. They all swooned over her. I shook my head in disbelief! I look a million times better than her!  

Have a bath.

Of course they didn't call me for the part because I always look my best! Sorry Reese! One of the young boys, Ellis, looks for an example of true love he can believe in. He realizes the effects of heartbreak. Heavy duty stuff! 
In the end, when you hose MUD off, you see a character, that under all the dirt and craziness, with a heart. He's a loyal friend.Through Mud, I cried, I itched, and I applauded! I liked him! I really liked him! 

Through the whole movie, you will see, I had a hankering for baked beans! I know, I know, Derek was in disbelief. I, Lili do not eat baked beans, let alone request them. And the HORROR... out of a can. I would like mine on a silver platter. Derek, the love that he is, made a midnight run and placed mine on a very nice 18th century charger.

Please see Mud, you will enjoy it! Matthew, please groom yourself! A bubble bath does wonders! Skip the beans, you will thank me!

Look at me... not up there. I'm right here.

Who smokes, anymore?

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