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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Louis Vuitton The Face Of Lili

I was absolutely livid when I learned that the new face of Louis Vuitton was Michelle WilliamsDoes she even wear their designer collar?

I Do!

I have all the luggage and accessories! I even have a carrier. I bet Michelle doesn't have one! She would not fit in it!

I found out about their new campaign as I was walking through Times Square.
Boy, that really get my fur in a knot! I placed a call immediately to the Louis Vuitton executives. I told them how dare they not ask me, Lil , before Michelle.

Speaking firmly, I demanded they remove Michelle! Out! Out ! Out!

I wear the accessories I told them in a huff. I coughed out the word collar and substituted it for "necklace." They apologized and told me they tried to call me but someone named Peeples answered and said I was not available for any advertising campaigns!

Peeples! That darn poodle really gets me growling! A growl creeped out but I composed myself. That Peeples! Poodles!!!
Well, I continued using my words calmly... Peeples was wrong!
Now I missed my shining moment!

The executives felt terrible. They explained they got themselves into a real chewy bone! They could not fire Michelle because she signed a contract. 
They begged me to be in the Ad with Michelle. They would spend millions to reshoot it.
They needed me! They truly needed me!
They reminded me that I, Lili was the face of Louis Vuitton. I knew it and they knew it! We both knew it!

For the record, Michelle knew it. I'll bet she has a poodle!
So as a favor, I said I would be in the ad along side of Michelle.

Michelle knows who the real face is of Louis Vuitton and it is not her. It's me, me, me! Besides, I am just as pretty! My hair is blonder than hers, and I am more photogenic!
That's what Derek tells me...everyday.

The executives promised that they may even change the name to Lili Vuitton.
I told them don't be silly. Bruno Reigns!

She looks nice too... I guess.

The photo shoot was exhausting! I behaved in true Diva fashion! But it turned out gorgeous. Need I say more? The photo speaks for itself!
Michelle dear, sorry I outshine you, but you look amazing, too! I have to run, the phone is ringing.

Gucci's calling.

Au Revoir. Have a sparkling day!

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