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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Knock Knock! Who's Scared?

Hello All!  It is me ! Lili! 

Today,  I traveled to lovely Bridgehampton to see the Antique Show. It was delightful.
I rummaged through all the antiques. Some of it was really gorgeous, some... not so much.

There was 18th and 19th century and then there was... yard sale! A  real mix!  
As I walked around to the different dealers I thought to myself, who were the original 
owners of this furniture?  Were they Westies or the dreaded POODLE

When I perused the Oriental rugs and saw a few spots, at that moment... I knew. 


I had a best friend, Peeples, who was a poodle and she always had accidents. 

Needless to say, I suggested to the seller perhaps steam cleaning would fix this problem. She was not happy with me, so I continued to stroll the show. If she didn't want to hear from me, so be it.

Then it happened! I spotted her! She looked eerily familiar but I could not place her. It was an 18th Century portrait of a spooky woman.

Sooooo spooky my hair stood up straight. I tried not to look at her, but her eyes followed me. Was she smiling directly at me? Did her eyebrow just twitch? Was that a wink or a scowl? I quickly left the show.

I never looked back.

When I arrived home, Derek dropped by and said, "I have a wonderful surprise."

He said he saw me admiring a particular item at the show. He brought in the gift covered with a sheet. When he pulled it off with a grand flourish, he shouted, "Surprise!"

My hair stood straight up on my head and I screamed!

I then ran and hid under the sofa peering out with one eye open. It was THAT painting of the spooky woman!!!

Derek was insulted by my reaction and walked off in a huff.  Oh no! Could it be? I think the spooky woman stuck her tongue at me.
Look for her on E Bay? Am I selling her cheap! Not a chance because my BFF gave it to ME!

Lets just say I sleep with the lights on! It is now hanging inside a locked closet at this very moment. No discussion! Please leave it at that!
All in all, I loved the antique show!

Knock knock, who's scared?

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