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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Worlds Largest Circus Under the Big Top: Cole Brothers!

The Worlds Largest Circus Under the Big Top
                           COLE BROS.
               CIRCUS OF THE STARS and of course, me, LILI!!!!!

And away we gooooooo!

Welcome, welcome one and all! 

At first I was being a snob and did not want to attend the Circus. I was dragged there by some friends. After I made my way through the animal activists who were picketing armed with signs, it was a jolly, paw clapping extravaganza!

They had real tigers and ponies and elephants and even a few dogs who did tricks. I was thinking ... what silly dogs, jumping through hoops...You won't catch this gal jumping through hoops for anyone. 

I like to give the commands!

They had tight rope walking, a human cannon, and an illusionist!
It was really entertaining! I clapped, I barked, and I even growled when the man next to me stepped on my tail.

Then it happened. I almost coughed up a fur ball.... A very glitzy show off type. Unlike myself, she was not humble, prancing around the big top.

There was Lana, she was a beautiful woman with a long, luxurious, blonde pony tail. All I could think of through her stunning performance was...that must be a wig! 

I have to admit...I was a bit jealous of her. I had the same feeling when my BFF Derek has a better squeaky toy than me. So, I have to admit, I did not applaud when she did her act. Anyway, I think I have less wrinkles than her and my hair is just as nice! I am thinner and prettier. I am sure of that! Meow! Forgive me. I am behaving like a cat!  Maybe I can get a pony tail.

The tigers and the elephants all did tricks  ... Everyone gasped with oohs and aahs...I shouted out, "Showoffs!"  

I can stand on my legs too and no one applauds.

Eek...the CLOWNS were scary!!!!  They are still creeping in my dreams at night!

Go see the circus in Southampton or elsewhere. Here is their schedule: Cole Brothers' Schedule

You will Love it!

I ate ice cones, cotton candy, bought a balloon and had a pony ride!

Just a warning...take a bubble bath when you get home to wash the circus away! You don't want to get Fleas!

All and all, I had a good time. When I attend an event, I really get into it and get involved. Here are some snapshots of me! times the world is a circus, so you will feel right at home. I Did!

I hate balloon animals.

Boom goes the cannon.

What's that smell? It's not me.


GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I think this is Martin Short... sure looks like him.

My new friends, Maria, Christina and George owners of the Moriches Bay Diner!

Rope Burn.

I love the horses!

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