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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flying Meatballs! A La Parmigiana Italian style! Emergency Southampton Update!

It's me! Lili!
I had a yen for A Large Sausage Pizza from La Parmigiana to celebrate the new arrival of my royal cousin from the House of Windsor.

I walked into the pizza parlor and ordered my favorite large sausage pizza. 

I usually get extra cheese but my waistline is expanding! The lovely woman said 20 minutes. I said I will be back and walked outside to wait. I was going to sit on a little table in front of the restaurant, but I decided to sit on a bench instead.

I sat looking out when I heard commotion!

I smelled the pungent aroma of garlic! I heard a lovers quarrel as meatballs and sauce came flying past me inches away from hitting my pristine fur coat! I was flabbergasted! My fur is white, white, white. I could never get that stain out! I am a natural blonde! I don't get a dye job! 


Apparently there was a spat. The woman walked away in a huff. The man apologized to the onlooking summer tourists and walked across the street and sat in his car.

A thought popped into my head. What was that rule? Was it The Five Second Rule or The Five Minute Rule? If no one comes back to retrieve the two meatballs lying on the street, I could grab them. 

I was thinking, oh pull away mister! But he didn't! I eyed the meatballs. Was he watching me from across the street?

My mind was whirling. The aroma of meatballs and sauce intoxicating. It was driving me into a meatballs frenzy!

Five Minute or Five Second?

Then it happened.

I came to my senses as the the woman came out with my pizza. I could not grab the meatball in public. I would be behaving like a D-O-G! I am an up and coming socialite. I am Lili. My reputation would be ruined.

When I arrived at Derek's house, I told him about the lover's spat, but I downplayed The Five Minute Scoop Up Rule! We both wondered what the quarrel was about. Being of the canine species, we can be pretty nosy. We made up all different scenarios over pizza!

We hoped they worked it out, but in the end we both decided what a waste of two good meatballs!

Love Italian Style.
The love, passion, spats and flying meatballs!
What a shame! Note to all the lovers out there: When you fight, throw the plates... not the food!!!
Mangiare Bene!
Eat Well.

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