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Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Hot Day at the East Hampton Antique Show

I had my driver, Al, whisk me out to the  East Hampton Antique Show before the heat of the day set in so that I could find some little trinkets or what-nots for Derek to buy me. He loves me.

Al had to stop and buy some donuts. He got himself a bag of them and tossed one back for me and my BFF, Derek. Al stuffed an extra one in his pocket for himself later in the day. I didn't say a word, but gave him one of those looks.

Here are some photos that my personal assistant, Cookie Wafer, took of my adventures today.

Is this for sale? IT's just the right color.

Is that a tick? I don't like ticks.

What is this? Did someone make a statue of ME?

Derek, the love that he is, bought me these two crazy Black and White dogs... What was he thinking. I'm the only... the one and ONLY ... LILI. He's a nut.

He got them from a store called Maniques Mondern.

Be well and have a wonderful day. Summer is humming.

I am off for an evening swim in the pool.

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