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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bruce "Bruno" Willis and ME.... Lili Bruno! Red 2 Review.

In my dreams... in my dreams

Being a Bruce Willis fan, I decided to see Red 2. When I read some reviews they were very negative but me, being Lili, decided to see it anyway! 

You are welcomed Bruce!

I know you had a band and your alter ego was Bruno. Great name that we share.
I am off on a tangent. Focus Lili, focus!

I loved Red 2. It's about a ex CIA agent, Willis, who must save the world from a nuclear device. Frank Moses, (Willis) wants to live the quiet life... sort of like me.

He is retired, but the CIA pulls him back in! They want him squashed! Finished! Done!

There are great characters... John Malkovich (always excellent), Catherine Zeta Jones... what a bombshell! I really identified with her. Helen Mirren... a true gem... and Byung- Hun Lee, excellent with all his Kung-Fu karate chops!

Memo to self: Sign up for Kung-Fu class.

Cujos to Mary-Louise Parker. She made me laugh! Note to miss Parker: I wear Jimmy Choo shoes better than you! Just putting it out there!

All in all I loved this movie! There was romance, humor, and car chases that made the fur stand up on my neck! It was great! The audience loved it.

Bruce , I give you my paw and tip my tail.  Bravo to a great ensemble cast. If you watch closely, there is a cameo of me in the restaurant scene in Paris. At least Derek said he is positive he saw me! Good old Derek.
I prefer the color PINK but Red 2 was glorious! 

Bruce as you said in another one of my fav movies
Yippie Kai Yay.... I Lili have nothing else to say!!!! ( I would link to the sound file but it's got a curse word in it... and I'm a princess who doesn't curse...just saying.)

Like me Bruce, you don't get older, you get better! Like a fine grape juice, we get better with age!

See you at the movies!

I think I was cut out of the poster for this one.

This scene must have ended up on the cutting room floor.

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