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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Party Like it's 2099

It is my lucky day! George Clooney is single again!!!
He makes me swoon. My ears really perk  up when I see him.

So I was thinking about writing a quick note to George inviting him to my Summer Extravaganza Pink and White Party. Many relatives of famous celebrities will attend as well as Brad and Angelina. I begged them to not bring the kids, they are much too noisy for my sensitive ears. 

Some others that will be there are Lassie's great, great, great grandson, Rin Tin Tin 's third cousin once removed and you are really going to fall over... Benji's great, great granddaughter.

Oh , did I mention Bradley Cooper? He wanted me to star beside him in Silver Linings Playbook but De Niro put the kibosh on it because he said Jennifer Lawrence had better acting chops! The nerve! 

Needless to say, Bobby and Jennifer are Not invited! They are going to be so jealous when they hear Morris the Cat's cousin will be there, too.

Special Performance by Prince. No not him... The Doberman Pinscher.
It is going to be fantastic! I will make a special drink that I call FruitTaTa.

This is sure to win over George. I hear he loves a good drink! 

                   Lili's Potent Fruit TaTa Cocktail Cooler

1 large Baccarat Crystal bowl ( not Waterford or dreaded plastic)
1 bottle of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice
1 bottle of Sprite ( diet if you have a muffin top)
Splash of Tropicana Orange Juice
1 large Can Dole Tropical Fruit salad (must be tropical, think Hawaii)
1 large bag of ice

In large Baccarat bowl mix the ingredients together and add ice.
Let chill and serve over ice cubes with spoon for the fruit unless of course you are serving the four legged guests, they just dive in!

I wish you all could attend! But I have to draw the line somewhere!

Ready, Set, George! Buckle up for Lili's Knockout Punch!
I will be on your arm before the ice cubes melt!

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