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Monday, July 15, 2013

Emergency Blog Update: The Bachelorette


        There Goes The Rose, Now Stop Crying, and Blow Your Nose

Watching The Bachelorette... Zach cried and threw the promise ring out the window! Darn, I wish I was in LA to catch it!

What is up with these guys? They are all crying over Melodrama Mama, Des.

For goodness sakes, why couldn't Chris call me to pick up some of her toss-outs!
I look great in a bikini too!

There is one problem. I just love Brooks, even though his family is a tad over zealous. If he married me, I would gladly put a box of Kleenex by the nightstand.

He is always teary eyed and crying ...Ugh... Note to self: Rethink Brooks. He is one can short of a six pack of Diet Pepsi.

They all looked so nervous tonight at the rose ceremony. I am surprised they didn't get their feet wet, there were so many tears flowing, they needed a mop.

I can go on and on but I will stop. The Bachelorette is my guilty pleasure.

Did you get a load of the brother? One word, NUTSY!

Tonight was a real stress filled 2hours . I was so nervous that I almost swallowed the squeaker in my toy during the rose give away.

Advice to Zach.... Back up the car... grab that gold ring... stop crying and blow your cute little nose... stop being over dramatic. We both know you were not in love with Des, but in love with being on TV

All of you are as self absorbed as I am!

Like Gloria Gaynor sang: I Will Survive... And so will you Zach... so will you!

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