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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Three H's: Happy, Horses, and I am in Heaven!

Each day, my driver, Alfred, takes me and my best friend Derek for a lovely drive to see the horses at a wonderful nearby, little farm. 
Alfred usually picks us up after our delicious breakfast of fluffy scrambled eggs with melted cheddar cheese. Yum! 
We also have our fresh squeezed, chilled orange juice. For dessert, we have a scrumptious biscuit, not the English ones. I think these are made of milk. At least thats what is written on the box. 
When Alfred arrives, he honks the horn three times. One time for me, one for Derek and one for good measure. He always has a box of donuts in the front seat and keeps one in each pocket in case of an emergency. You can never have enough donuts, that is what he tells us. 
Before Sugar

We drive around the country road three times until the horses are out. When we spot them, we park on the side of the road. Usually Derek and I stare at them for a long time with our noses pressed firmly against the window. 
There is a sign, DO NOT FEED OR TOUCH THE HORSES, but I usually do anyway because I am sure they forgot to write on the sign, Everyone Except Lili! 
So I usually load the horses up with sugar cubes and give each one of them a donut! I order special ones with pink frosting! My favorite color! 
I always try to get Alfred to snap a photo of me and the horses but they always seem to be running around the stable. Derek thought it could be the donuts or the sugar but I thought what nonsense! It has to be they are just happy to see me! Saddle up horses! We are going to The Hampton Classic. 
Here Whhhhiiiiinnnneeeyyy GO!
After Sugar

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