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Sunday, July 28, 2013

RHONJ Trash Talking Telling Me Lies!

Hello All ! It's me, Lili!
Another Sunday! I am on the edge of my paws! What will transpire tonight? I am not sure, but let's trash around what happened last week with this booze fueled brawling gang! Note to all involved, stop boozing... drink grape juice or perhaps some delicious Paul Newman's Iced Tea. The proceeds go to charity and with the quantity you drink, you can help the United States and the neighboring countries.

Let's get down to business, everyone, drop your gloves. Go to your corners. Last week Little Joe vs. Theresa's Joe Joe was the highlight of the night! Here is my take on the show with my unstructured sentences and my Oh, So, Lili comments.
Ready, Set, Off We Goooo...  

Theresa didnt help Melissa pull them apart
She didnt want to mess up her hair extensions
I think Rosie could beat them both up
Oh Rich, now you are playing peacekeeper?
Keep drinking Melissa
Shirts were dirty, oh Melissa ... Disgusting disgusting
Like the devil
Put down the vodka guys!
Take another swig of your champagne!
That will really help the sisuation

Break it up, guys! Break it up. 

Oh, Little Joe, you hate him so much
Put your shirt on
Oh, Melissa! Sadam Hussein?????!!!!!
Biting his What?!?!
Theresa what did you do?
Rosie, Rosie, hands off the scotch

Melissa clean up your mouth
Your husband has a heart of gold?
Little Joe... Easy on the trash
Joe could have easily bagged you earlier and dumped you in garbage can
Rich... nosy, nosy

Nosy, nosy!

Mind your business
You should be a therapist
Have a drink
Theresa... blood pressure rising
Ooh, down Rosie!!!
Joe, Joe still drinking

Oh cry baby
Little Joe is crying... drowning his tears in a bottle of liquor

I got no beef with the kid, I grew up with him. I will just keep beating him up!
Melissa manipulater
Talk to his sister

Spouses out!
Oh gosh
Little Joe, please stop crying, you will have puffy eyes tomorrow!

Drama King Joe GORGA
Full of poopy
Resolution? They are all just nosy
That's why they stay
Sober up and talk in morning
Kissy face joe joe and Theresa
Fighting words
You got a dum dum brother

Cook a book, yeah, Little Joe, she is cooking all the way to the top of the NY times best seller list
Sun castle? More like stormy weather

Dr. V? That's a doctor?
Eek Dr. V... I don't want to look if you are Italian, I'll take your word for it.
Just coughed up a fur ball

Theresa it got to this point because your brother is jealous

Theresa started a rumor that Melissa is a stripper
Isn't she?

Oh gosh
Joe is wearing a Poison tee-shirt

Ooh, Melissa looks a tad annoyed

They use not nice language
Mother Theresa? Leave her out of this Melissa
Melissa is the problem
Dr. V cast a spell
Miracle worker, Not with this GROUP.

My sister is the devil
The jealous brother
Really, yucky? Wow very intelligent Dr. V.

Theresa hates your mate
Because she can't love you like she does??????? Ya THINK?

Little Joe, go...leave.. You won't... Bravo is paying you by the episode!
Not ready to forgive Theresa... of course not. You have to finish the season

Having fun a little bit, it was nice
You think?

Stop trying to take us down Little Joe says

I don't trust you, Theresa
I need time I have a solution, drink Pepsi

Caroline walking back into crazy because she's nosy... and she needs a storyline!
Roll your eyes Caroline, you are enjoying this too much! Meow

Melissa embarrassed?
I don't think so!

Remember the song: ON DISPLAY?

Oh, dinner fighting makes us hungry?
Duck jokes, Rich? Really?

Black hair spray Little Joe
Oh, guys please... champagne and bath tubs? TMI
Now I need a drink
Brown chicka brown chow? What?

Eek, Theresa, keep it private
I don't like it ruff? You bark too?

Is it cold?
Why do they wear hats inside

Rosie is the only one that talks sense when I can understand her

Little Joe, jealous of Theresa success
And so is Melissa
What can you do Little Joe?
Spray your hair and go home

The Manzo love to trash it over
Glass houses shouldn't throw stones

Caroline to the rescue...
A plot to kill her? A plot to... Give her a storyline
I know what you are thinking

My blog is Long and Drawn out today!
Just like this family Feud!

I can't believe it. They're reading my BLOG!

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